Porsche Italia partners with EmiControls for innovative fire safety solutions

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In a pioneering move to enhance fire safety for electric vehicles (EVs), Porsche Italia has collaborated with EmiControls to introduce the Q-Container concept, a novel approach towards mitigating risks associated with EV batteries.

Since its inception in 2011, EmiControls has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge fire protection technologies, with a keen focus on utilising water mist to achieve superior cooling effects while conserving water.

This partnership marks a significant step in addressing the unique challenges posed by the e-mobility sector, particularly in managing the hazards of lithium-ion batteries in mid to high-end cars.

Addressing the risks of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, favoured for their high energy density and reduced charging times, pose a risk of self-ignition through thermal runaway following accidents.

This has necessitated a dual approach to safety: optimising battery chemistry and construction, and incorporating preventative measures from the design stage to safeguard users.

“Self-ignition: the risk is there and must be addressed,” stated a spokesperson from EmiControls, highlighting the importance of proactive risk management in the use of lithium-ion technology.

EmiControls’ innovative quarantine solutions for electric vehicles

Recognising the need for technical quarantine areas (TQAs) to monitor potentially compromised EVs, Porsche Italia has been instrumental in developing spaces that can be safely situated close to existing structures.

These areas allow for the containment and monitoring of vehicles for durations ranging from five to fifteen days, depending on the assessed risk level.

The collaboration has led to the establishment of a fully automatic emergency management system, ensuring round-the-clock safety and environmental protection.

Guaranteed safety 24/7 with Q-Container

The Q-Container system, developed by EmiControls and extensively installed across the Official Porsche Italia Network, incorporates advanced sensors and fire-fighting technologies.

These include water mist technology for smoke abatement and an automatic flooding system to cool the battery pack swiftly, mitigating thermal event impacts.

“Through sprinklers with ‘water mist’ technology for smoke abatement and an automatic flooding system, electronically managed, allows the rapid cooling of the battery pack to mitigate the effects of the thermal escape and, eventually, stop it,” explained a representative from Porsche Italia.

IFSJ comment

The collaboration between Porsche Italia and EmiControls represents a forward-thinking approach to fire safety in the burgeoning field of e-mobility.

By introducing the Q-Container concept, the partners have addressed a critical safety concern related to the management of electric vehicles and their batteries.

The adoption of such advanced safety measures is essential in promoting wider acceptance and confidence in electric vehicle technology, ensuring that both structures and the environment are protected against potential hazards.

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