The Fire Safety Event Returns

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What to expect when the Fire Safety Event will open its doors at the NEC Birmingham on 30 April

The Fire Safety Event returns to the NEC Birmingham at the end of this month, playing host to leading manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their latest approved products and solutions.

The show is dedicated to supporting industry practitioners, professionals and organisations in achieving and maintaining the very highest standards of fire safety management.

Here’s what to expect from the event which kicks off on 30 April.

Main attractions and learning opportunities

The Fire Safety Event 2024 features a series of key attractions and learning opportunities designed to enhance fire safety knowledge and skills.

The Passive Fire Experience, a collaboration with the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), is a stand-out attraction for this year’s show.

This experience provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of passive fire systems, delivered through a unique combination of classroom training and innovative technology.

Participants will be able to engage in immersive Virtual Reality experiences, created by RiVR, which simulate real-life fire scenarios.

Experts in passive fire protection will provide direct interaction and guidance, ensuring visitors gain practical insights into methods, systems, products, and applications.

Another key attraction is the Live Fire & Security Testing, conducted in association with Warringtonfire and Element.

This demonstration will illustrate the importance of using security-rated doors to combat opportunist attacks.

Through this live testing, the event showcases the rigorous processes involved in evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of security doors.

CPD-accredited seminars are also on offer at the event’s Fire Safety Leaders Summit.

These sessions present an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights into current trends and best practices in fire safety.

The Summit features a range of topics including proactive compliance, the complexities of fire safety challenges, and the latest regulatory updates.

These seminars and summits will equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of fire safety.

Networking and interactive sessions

The Fire Safety Event 2024 facilitates a range of networking and interactive sessions, providing attendees with valuable opportunities to connect, exchange ideas, and gain new perspectives in the field of fire safety management.

CONNECT+ Live, a hosted meetings program designed to foster professional connections within the fire safety industry, returns to the NEC.

This program acts as a concierge service, meticulously matching fire safety professionals with relevant solution providers based on their specific requirements and interests.

CONNECT+ Live attendees can save time and effort as the program arranges pre-scheduled meetings with exhibitors, ensuring a seamless and productive experience.

These meetings are designed to go beyond introductions, offering quality interactions, providing a personalised consultation platform for discussing upcoming projects and future collaborations.

This format is particularly beneficial for professionals seeking innovative products and services, as it allows them to engage in meaningful discussions directly with experts and industry leaders.

Andrea White, Fire Engineer and Managing Director of AW Fire Ltd, will host a discussion focused on themes such as diversity, inclusion, and the evolving landscape of fire safety management.

This session promises to be dynamic and thought-provoking, where attendees will have the chance to hear from and engage with professionals discussing these critical issues.

The panel aims to amplify the conversation around diversity and inclusion in fire safety, contributing to the development of a more inclusive industry environment.

The event also has multiple networking events designed to facilitate informal interactions among attendees.

The Networking Drinks, hosted by Women in Fire Safety Awards and Women in Fire Service, provide an ideal setting for professionals to connect and share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Networking Café also offers a casual space for attendees to unwind and engage in conversations over snacks and beverages.

Diversity and inclusion

The 2024 event is placing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, particularly focusing on empowering women within the fire safety industry.

This commitment to diversity is evident through various initiatives and collaborations aimed at fostering an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives and expertise are valued and celebrated.

“Supporting Women in Fire Safety” is a key initiative of the event, underlining the importance of gender diversity in the fire safety sector.

The initiative recognises that the industry thrives when it embraces diversity and inclusivity.

Through this commitment, the event aims to empower women in fire safety management by providing a platform for their voices and contributions.

The Fire Safety Event is focused on actively promoting their participation and leadership in fire safety.

The initiative seeks to create an atmosphere that encourages and nurtures the professional growth of women, contributing to the advancement of the industry as a whole.

Another integral component of the event’s focus on diversity and inclusion is “Women Talking Fire,” an independent networking and support group specifically for women in the UK fire safety industry.

This group plays a vital role in the event, creating a space for women to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Women Talking Fire is a community that fosters empowerment, shared learning, and collective action.

The group’s presence at the event is a testament to the importance of creating opportunities for women to discuss challenges, exchange ideas, and support each other’s professional development.

By bringing together women from various facets of fire safety, Women Talking Fire will ensure that their unique perspectives and expertise are not only heard but are instrumental in shaping the future of fire safety.

Innovation and compliance

The Fire Safety Event 2024 prominently features the Innovation & Compliance Theatre, sponsored by BSI (British Standards Institution), which showcases a series of key sessions designed to address critical aspects of fire safety.

These sessions focus on innovative solutions and compliance in the realm of fire safety, reflecting the evolving nature of industry challenges and advancements.

One of the notable sessions in the Innovation & Compliance Theatre is dedicated to fire suppression solutions for lithium-ion battery fires.

This session, led by experts from BSI, addresses the increasing concern over fires caused by lithium batteries.

The discussion will explore interim solutions while standards are in development, drawing on global experiences and future best practices for fire suppression products.

This session is vital for professionals seeking to understand and mitigate the risks associated with lithium battery fires.

Another key session centres on sustainability in fire safety.

Presented by Vicki Wells, Sustainability Manager at Apollo, this session delves into how sustainability principles are reshaping the fire safety industry.

Topics covered will include responsible sourcing, carbon management, circular economy practices, and material compliance.

Wells presentation aims to guide attendees on practical steps to make fire detectors and alarm systems more environmentally responsible, aligning fire safety practices with sustainable development goals.

The event also features the Passive Fire Conference, organised in partnership with ASFP.

This conference focuses on various aspects of passive fire protection, covering essential topics from specification and installation to inspection and maintenance.

The aim of this partnership is to provide attendees with comprehensive insights into passive fire protection, emphasising its critical role in overall fire safety strategy.

This includes discussions led by industry experts, offering practical advice and up-to-date knowledge on passive fire safety measures in the built environment.

The Passive Fire Conference will be an invaluable resource for professionals looking to enhance their understanding and application of passive fire protection in their projects.

Event partners and networking

The Fire Safety Event 2024 is supported by a group of Premier Partners and other esteemed supporters, contributing to the success and enrichment of the event.

The Premier Partners for the event include notable companies such as Apollo, Baldwin Boxall, C-TEC, Checkmate Fire, Cygnus, Dorplan, DorSuite, EMS, FFE, Global Fire Equipment, Helio Gas Detection, Hyfire, Inim, Iriss, LFS Plus+ Group, Profab Access, Sentry Doors, Strongdor, Teletek, TOA, Vox Ignis.

These organisations represent some of the most innovative and influential entities in the fire safety industry, with cutting-edge products, services, and insights.

Their participation as Premier Partners lends essential expertise to the event and provides attendees with access to a wide array of solutions and knowledge.

In addition to the Premier Partners, the event is also supported by a variety of other partners and associations.

This extensive network of supporters includes BAFE, British Fire Consortium, CPDme, DHF, Ecn Education Business, ET, FSA, FPA, Government Business, HSM, Health Business, IFC Group, IFE, IFEDA, IFSM, IFSJ, IOSH, IWMA, NAHFO, NSi, Premier Construction, Professional Electrician, S News, Safety Product Finder, Smoke Control Association, Source Security, SSAIB, and WIFS.

The support from these organisations plays a fundamental role in enriching the event’s content and broadening the scope of topics and discussions.

A note from the Show Director

Tristan Norman, Director of The Fire Safety Event, says: “The event has evolved into a pivotal meeting place not only for the UK’s fire industry but has also extended its reach across Europe, positioning it as one of the premier shows for fire safety leaders to convene, network, and engage with their industry peers.

“At the forefront of this year’s Fire Safety Event is its distinction as the largest the UK has hosted in over a decade, marked by an unprecedented number of exhibitors.

“With nearly 175 participants, we’re hosting the largest collection of fire safety exhibitors the UK has seen in over a decade.

“This event is a must-attend for anyone in the fire safety industry, offering a unique opportunity to witness the extensive range and scale of exhibitors available, right here in Birmingham. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind showcase.”

Meet the IFSJ team

International Fire & Safety Journal will be present at the show on stand 5-A66. Feel free to stop by the stand to pick up a free copy of the magazine and catch up with the team who will be on hand to talk attendees. To arrange a meeting with the Iain at the show contact: [email protected].

This article was originally published in the April 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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