Promat addresses fire safety in repurposed concrete at Concrete Expo UK

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The need for fire safety testing in repurposed concrete

Passive fire protection specialist Promat will spotlight the importance of conducting fire tests on protective solutions for repurposed concrete at the upcoming Concrete Expo UK.

The event, which is a part of UK Construction Week, will see Promat focusing on the environmental advantages of repurposing concrete frames instead of demolishing and constructing new structures.

Joshua Slack, UK Commercial Director for Promat, is set to discuss the necessity of ensuring fire safety compliance during his presentation at the two-day expo held at the London ExCel from May 8-9.

Exploring sustainability benefits

Joshua Slack will delve into how manufacturers can perform fire tests for concrete protection and apply fire test data in designing projects with repurposed concrete.

This marks Promat’s first participation in the event, aligning with its global presence and expertise in offering solutions to safeguard load-bearing concrete structures against fire.

As an Associate Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, Slack is poised to share valuable insights into the challenges related to concrete in fire scenarios.

The significance of additional fire protection

Despite concrete’s inherent fire resistance, Slack points out that repurposed concrete frames often require additional fire protection, especially when there is a change in the building’s use from one planning class to another.

“The Concrete Expo is an ideal forum to focus on the sustainability benefits of reusing concrete, but also take a deeper look at building safety,” Slack commented.

He emphasized Promat’s commitment to addressing broader industry themes, including embodied carbon and the advantages of repurposing concrete frames, alongside guiding manufacturers on fire testing for concrete protection.

Promat’s expertise in fire safety solutions

With over 60 years of experience, Promat designs fire safety solutions that can delay the deterioration of concrete, thus protecting the material and the embedded steel reinforcement from weakening.

This contributes to the overall integrity and safety of buildings.

IFSJ comment

Promat’s emphasis on the necessity of fire testing for repurposed concrete at the Concrete Expo UK highlights an essential aspect of sustainable construction practices.

As the industry moves towards greener solutions, ensuring the safety and integrity of structures remains paramount.

Promat’s initiative to bring this discussion to the forefront at a significant industry event underscores the growing intersection between sustainability and safety regulations.

By focusing on both the environmental benefits of repurposing concrete and the critical need for fire safety compliance, Promat is leading a vital conversation that could shape future construction practices.

Their expertise and long-standing experience in fire safety solutions offer valuable insights and guidance for manufacturers and stakeholders aiming to navigate the complexities of repurposed concrete in construction projects.

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