Holmatro secures awards for innovation in rescue tool design

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Holmatro has been awarded two iF Design Awards in 2024 for its forcible entry tool, T1, and the OmniShore shoring system, which received a gold award.

The company is recognised alongside other winners for excellence in product design and innovation in a competitive field that included entries from global corporations such as Apple and Samsung.

Recognition for design and functionality

The iF Design Awards, an international design competition, acknowledged Holmatro’s contributions to the field of rescue operations.

The OmniShore system was highlighted for its production quality and ease of use, designed to quickly stabilise hazardous situations.

The system’s design reflects Holmatro’s focus on ergonomic testing and practical application in emergency scenarios.

Consistent performance in design excellence

Competing against 10,800 entries from 72 countries, Holmatro’s recognition at the 2024 iF Design Awards follows a previous gold award for its Pentheon Series rescue tools in 2022.

This continued success in the awards highlights the company’s commitment to innovation in the development of life-saving tools.

Designs aimed at enhancing rescue efforts

Holmatro stated that the recognition of the T1 and OmniShore designs is valued, emphasising their role in aiding global rescue efforts.

The company aims for these tools to serve as effective aids in emergency responses, reflecting the importance of design and functionality in rescue equipment.

IFSJ Comment

The awarding of two iF Design Awards to Holmatro in 2024 for its T1 forcible entry tool and OmniShore shoring system demonstrates the role of innovative design in enhancing the effectiveness of rescue operations.

This recognition brings attention to the critical importance of practical, user-centric design in developing tools that support first responders.

Holmatro’s achievements in this competitive arena underscore the company’s ongoing commitment to providing solutions that meet the complex needs of emergency scenarios, contributing to the safety and efficiency of rescue efforts worldwide.

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