Pyroguard enhances test evidence for fire safety glass with Schüco systems

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Pyroguard and Schüco collaboration yields new fire safety solutions

Pyroguard, an independent provider of fire safety glass, has recently completed a comprehensive testing programme in partnership with Schüco, a well-regarded supplier of aluminium window, door, and façade systems.

This collaboration has led to Pyroguard enhancing its product range with new capabilities for Schüco’s ADS 80 framing system and FW 50 curtain wall system.

These systems now feature Pyroguard Protect toughened fire safety glass in EI30 and EI60 classifications, expanding the options for aluminium framing, including internal glass partitions and curtain walling systems.

Andy Lake, Sales Director UK & IRE at Pyroguard, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “This is a really great success for both businesses and has been many years in the making, with considerable company investment and real dedication from Pyroguard and Schüco’s technical and R&D teams.

“Being able to partner with Schüco is a huge opportunity for us. They are a major name in aluminium framing – its FW 50 façade system dominates the European market.

“So, it’s great to have been able to work with them on these new system capabilities.

“As a result of this investment, we can provide our customers with a wider range of aluminium framing solutions that meet EI30 and EI60 ratings, contributing to more options that combine aesthetics with safety.”

Pyroguard’s commitment to safety and innovation

As part of the Technical Fire Safety Group and the svt Group of companies, Pyroguard continues to lead the industry in the development and testing of high-performance fire safety glass.

With a commitment to innovation, Pyroguard offers a diverse range of solutions and expert technical advice to support architects, specifiers, and installers in creating safe and aesthetically pleasing environments.

A wide array of tested fire safety glass solutions

Pyroguard’s offerings include cuttable and toughened fire safety glass, as well as solutions that protect against smoke and manual attack.

With one of the largest and most fully tested product ranges available, Pyroguard serves markets across Europe, the Middle East, India, and North America, ensuring a wide reach for its high-quality fire safety glass solutions.

IFSJ Comment

By combining Pyroguard’s expertise in fire safety glass with Schüco’s renowned aluminium framing systems, this collaboration offers enhanced safety and aesthetic solutions for buildings.

The rigorous testing and approval from esteemed institutions underline the reliability and effectiveness of their products.

As the demand for safe and visually appealing architectural elements grows, initiatives like these play a critical role in meeting industry needs and advancing fire safety standards.

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