Kidde Commercial launches advanced fire detection system to minimise false alarms

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The financial impact of false fire alarms on UK SMEs

UK SMEs are grappling with the financial repercussions of false fire alarms, incurring an average cost of nearly £40,000 due to fines and disruptions.

A recent study conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Kidde Commercial reveals that the majority of these false alarms are triggered by everyday occurrences such as burnt food, steam, faulty detectors, and vape and cigarette smoke.

This issue not only imposes a financial burden but also affects productivity, with 34% of business owners identifying a loss of productivity as the primary cost, alongside missed meetings and evacuation disruptions.

New fire detection technology aims to improve workplace safety

Kidde Commercial has unveiled its latest innovation in fire safety technology, the Kidde Commercial 2X-A, 2X-AT, and Excellence Series Solution.

This new range of fire detection systems is designed to enhance protection in the workplace while significantly reducing the occurrence of false alarms.

Leveraging over a century of expertise in fire safety, Kidde Commercial introduces these advanced systems as part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leader in creating intelligent climate and energy solutions.

Reduced false alarms and installation costs

The newly introduced fire detection panels are not only cost-effective, with installation costs cut by 17%, but they are also engineered to be compatible with existing legacy systems.

This compatibility ensures that the commissioning and maintenance of these intelligent devices are more efficient.

Key benefits of the new systems include:

  • A significant reduction in false alarms thanks to intelligent smoke detectors equipped with a patented Optical Chamber for more accurate smoke detection.
  • AI-powered connected gateways to the panel, facilitating an 80% reduction in response times to emergencies.
  • A 17% reduction in installation costs, enabling the new detectors to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems for quicker setup and maintenance.
  • The Excellence Series, featuring patented Optical Sensing technology, is the first of its kind to distinguish between nuisance particles, such as those from cooking, and serious threats.

Arman Saeidnia, GM Fire EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), highlighted the importance of the new system: “False fire alarms costing businesses is disruptive and often a strain on our productivity at work.

“It’s vital businesses know the triggers and upgrade technologies to ensure false alarms are kept to a minimum.

“Alarm fatigue can lead to complacency within the workplace – making it harder for people to properly evacuate and react in the case of an actual emergency”.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of Kidde Commercial‘s new fire detection system marks a significant advancement in workplace safety technology.

By addressing the critical issue of false alarms, the company sets a new standard in fire safety, ensuring that businesses can maintain high productivity levels without compromising on safety.

The system’s integration of AI and patented technologies demonstrates an innovative approach to fire detection, offering both cost and operational efficiencies.

This development represents a forward step in safeguarding workplaces against fire hazards, reinforcing the importance of adopting advanced safety solutions in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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