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Ranger Fire and Security fortifies its market position with strategic acquisition of Syncro Group Limited

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Significant acquisition by Ranger Fire and Security

Ranger Fire and Security, a rapidly growing company in the fire and security industry, has announced the acquisition of Syncro Group Limited.

This acquisition marks a significant expansion of Ranger’s offerings in fire detection, extinguishers, and security services.

This move comes on the heels of Ranger’s launch in February, which was quickly followed by the acquisitions of Amerex Fire International Ltd and Ignis Fire Protection Ltd.

The inclusion of Syncro, a renowned national fire and security provider, is seen as pivotal to Ranger’s strategy of developing a comprehensive national platform and benefiting from a management team with substantial experience in the sector.

Industry leader with extensive experience

Syncro, headquartered in the Northwest but with nationwide reach, is recognized for its expertise in fire protection and security alarm services.

The company has amassed over 100 years of experience in the fire and security industry.

Founders Gerry Bates and Paul Fallon, both highly experienced professionals, have grown the business through strong customer relationships and referrals, particularly within the student accommodation and leisure sectors in the UK.

Both founders will continue their leadership roles at Ranger Fire and Security.

Enhancing Ranger’s service offerings

The integration of Syncro into Ranger Fire and Security is expected to significantly enhance Ranger’s service capabilities in fire detection and security alarm services.

Ranger aims to build a robust industry platform, fostering collaboration among the fire and security businesses within the group.

Following the successful launch of Ranger Fire and Security and initial acquisitions, the company has revealed plans for further acquisitions to strengthen its market position.

CEO’s perspective on the acquisition

Mark Bridges, CEO of Ranger Fire and Security, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, noting Syncro’s reputation for high-quality customer service and strong customer base: We are excited to welcome Syncro to the growing Ranger team.

“Syncro is a very well-respected national business with a focused and proven track record of providing customers with the highest service quality for their compliance needs.

“Syncro will form a key part of Ranger’s service proposition and will enhance the Group’s extinguishers, detection and security services. 

“This is a significant milestone for Ranger in our journey to bring the best proven companies together to provide customers with exceptional fire and security compliance and safety.

“Syncro has a strong and loyal customer base which it has fostered through excellent customer service quality and on-time delivery of services since inception.

“Its leaders have built hugely strong partnerships in the sector, which creates a significant opportunity for us to work together.”

Statements from Syncro’s Managing Directors

Gerry Bates and Paul Fallon, Managing Directors at Syncro Group Limited, expressed their commitment to the partnership with Ranger.

Bates said: “Having established Syncro in 2011 and grown the business organically since inception, partnering with Ranger was a well thought out and deliberate decision based on our shared values and people first philosophy that will allow us to continue to invest in our operations and customer service.

“We are pleased to be joining the Ranger Group, working together to not only bring a better level of service to more people, but capitalising on new growth opportunities and areas for collaboration.”

Fallon said: “Our strategy aligns perfectly with Mark and the Ranger Group in wanting to continue our growth and partnering with other Ranger companies and cementing our national presence within fire detection, extinguishers and security services.”

Backed by private equity and future prospects

Ranger’s ambitious growth is supported by private equity investment firm Hyperion, providing ample resources for future investments and acquisitions.

With a strategic approach towards expansion, Ranger is well-positioned to enhance its leadership in the fire and security market through ongoing acquisitions and strategic collaborations.

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of Syncro Group Limited by Ranger Fire and Security is a testament to the dynamic nature of the fire and security industry.

Ranger’s approach to building a comprehensive life safety business through strategic acquisitions underlines the importance of collaboration and technological advancement in this sector.

Such moves broaden the service capabilities of the involved companies and reflect a commitment to enhanced customer service and operational excellence.

This trend of consolidation and expansion in the industry is likely to continue, offering improved solutions and innovations in fire safety and security.

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