Reacton achieves Qatar Civil Defence Certification for advanced fire suppression systems

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Reacton Fire Suppression secures key approval in Qatar

Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd has announced that it has achieved product approval from the Qatar Civil Defence, a significant development in the company’s global expansion.

This authorisation enables Reacton to sell and install automatic fire suppression systems in Qatar, conforming to the standards of Certificate 1683b issued by the LPCB according to the LPS 1666 Standard.

The achievement highlights Reacton’s commitment to meeting international safety standards and expanding its market presence, particularly in the Middle East.

Ed Chivers, Global Product & Certification Director at Reacton Fire Suppression, highlighted the company’s progress and goals: “This is another great step forward for Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd and is directly related to the hard work from the team and our global approval initiative.

“Achieving this approval from the Qatar Civil Defence allows Reacton to continue to grow its presence in the Middle East and serve more customers with innovative, high-quality products.

“As we continue to add more approvals to the fast-growing list we will present these to the Qatar Civil Defence providing leading fire suppression system technology to this exciting market.”

Meeting stringent international standards

Reacton’s recent approval by the Qatar Civil Defence underscores its adherence to stringent international safety standards.

The certification process, which involved both LPCB 1666 and a UL approved component in their detection tube, demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing high-quality fire safety solutions that meet rigorous requirements.

This accreditation is not just a testament to Reacton’s technological proficiency but also reflects its commitment to ensuring the highest levels of safety in fire suppression systems.

Ed Chivers further emphasised the company’s strategic positioning following this accreditation: “Reacton is now ideally placed to undertake fire suppression projects with our regional partner Rescogulf.”

Strengthening presence in the Middle East

The approval from the Qatar Civil Defence marks a strategic expansion for Reacton Fire Suppression in the Middle Eastern market.

This development allows the company to enhance its service offerings and deliver advanced fire safety solutions to a broader range of customers in the region.

By partnering with regional entities such as Rescogulf, Reacton is well-positioned to address the growing demand for reliable and effective fire suppression systems in Qatar and beyond.

IFSJ Comment

The announcement by Reacton Fire Suppression of its product approval from the Qatar Civil Defence represents a notable stride in the company’s expansion and its commitment to international safety standards.

This approval allows Reacton to extend its market reach in the Middle East, reinforcing the importance of adhering to recognised global safety regulations in the fire safety industry.

Collaborations with regional partners such as Rescogulf further strengthen Reacton’s capacity to deliver top-tier fire suppression solutions, enhancing safety and protection standards in high-risk environments.

As Reacton continues to grow and gain approvals across various markets, it exemplifies the role of innovation and quality assurance in advancing fire safety technologies worldwide.

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