Marc Kuntz heads new unified sales & customer service division at Magirus

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Magirus announces integration of sales and customer service functions

Magirus has announced the integration of its various customer-facing functions, including Global Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Management, Equipment, Network Development, and Training into a single organisation.

This move, effective immediately, aims to centralise customer interactions and provide a unified approach to their dealer network.

The integration forms part of the company’s strategy to focus more intently on customer needs and streamline its leadership under CEO Thomas Hilse.

Marc Kuntz, who has been leading the Customer Service business, will take charge of this newly formed “Sales & Customer Service” organisation.

This change represents a significant restructuring within Magirus, consolidating multiple departments to enhance customer engagement and improve service delivery.

Focus on enhanced customer experience

Thomas Hilse, CEO of Magirus GmbH, expressed his confidence in the restructuring: “We are convinced that consolidating all customer-facing functions under one lead will ensure a stronger integrated market approach, leverages the opportunities of digitalisation and provides a higher focus across the entire customer lifecycle.”

He commended Marc Kuntz’s extensive experience in the automotive industry and his proven ability to build high-performing teams as key reasons for his appointment to this critical role.

Kuntz, reflecting on his new position, said: “I am delighted to take responsibility for the Sales & Customer Service role at Magirus, the world market leader in turntable ladders and known for tradition and innovation.

“I am convinced that an integrated Sales & Customer Service organisation will increase both, customer satisfaction and revenues, and we continue to be a reliable partner for the fire departments.”

Marc Kuntz’s background and vision for Magirus

With a 20-year background in the international commercial vehicle industry, Marc Kuntz brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

His career has spanned various roles in Sales, Customer Services, and Network Development across Germany and Asia.

Since joining Magirus in 2022, Kuntz has been instrumental in expanding the Customer Service and Quality functions.

His tenure has been marked by substantial growth in the Customer Service sector and the establishment of strong relationships with Magirus trade partners globally.

IFSJ Comment

The decision by Magirus to consolidate its Sales and Customer Service functions under the leadership of Marc Kuntz is a strategic move towards enhancing customer relations and operational efficiency.

By merging these key areas, Magirus demonstrates a commitment to providing a holistic and streamlined service experience to its customers and dealer network.

Such an approach is reflective of the evolving needs of the market and the increasing importance of customer-centric strategies in business development.

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