Reshaping rescue with Holmatro

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Jilles Duyndam, Global Marketing Manager at Holmatro discusses the evolution of its Pentheon Series that is taking emergency response to new heights

In December 2023, Holmatro unveiled its updated Pentheon Series, marking a notable upgrade in rescue tools technology.

Building on the foundational features of speed control and easy battery management introduced with the original series in 2020, this advanced iteration sets a new benchmark in rescue operations.

The latest iteration from Holmatro features enhanced performance, superior usability, advanced connectivity, and exceptional serviceability.

These improvements redefine the dynamics of rescue operations, offering heightened efficiency and effectiveness in critical situations.

Delving into the development of this innovative series, Jilles Duyndam, the Global Marketing Manager for Holmatro Rescue Equipment, plays a key role.

His involvement in the introduction of new products provides an insider’s perspective on the innovation driving the next-gen Pentheon Series.

Duyndam’s position at Holmatro places him at the heart of product development, ensuring the alignment of new releases with the demanding requirements of modern rescue operations.

IFSJ spoke to Duyndam to explore the series’ advancements and its impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of rescue teams globally.

What was the motivation behind upgrading the Pentheon series?

For over 50 years, Holmatro has been recognised as the innovator in the market for hydraulic rescue tools.

Our Research & Development department, together with other members of the New Product Development team, always looks at current, midterm, and long-term product development.

So, during the phase of the development of the first Pentheon series, there were already colleagues busy inventorying needs with customers and thinking of solutions for the successor of the first Pentheon series.

What technical advancements are in the next-gen series?

Every tool in our Next-Gen Pentheon Series features electronic motor control and pressure monitoring.

This guarantees maximum power during the entire lifespan of your tools.

Pentheon’s new and improved drive system not only gives you power and efficiency, but it also ensures tool operation at a lower and more friendly sound level.

Extremely useful in allowing you to better communicate at a rescue scene and preventing the increase of patients’ stress.

Next-gen Pentheon has a completely restyled user interface.

An interface with two operation modes for maximum operating flexibility.

Mode I is a reduced speed mode that can be used for training and demo purposes.

Mode II is the high-speed Pentheon mode, for when you need to unleash Pentheon’s full power.

Within each speed mode, you can use the proportional two-speed inline control handle for maximum control.

Another novelty on the user interface is the service indicator LED.

The colour of this light informs you about the status of your tool.

Obviously, green means you are good to go.

Yellow means there is a non-critical error.

The tool is limitedly operational and needs to be checked by a service technician.

If the Service LED and temperature LED are both blinking red, this means there is a critical error.

The tool is not operational and needs to be checked by a service technician.

Another important advancement we’ve added to the Next-Gen Pentheon Series is connectivity.

You can easily connect your Pentheon tools to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, download the intuitive MyHolmatro app, and experience new ways of using and monitoring your tools! In the MyHolmatro app, you can view real-time diagnostics during every operation: monitor battery state of health and state of charge, pump stage, motor temperature, working pressure – including peak pressure – and speed mode.

With the MyHolmatro app, you can also start a fully automated Pentheon Self Check.

Your tool will go through 4 steps: Drive system check, Speed and pressure check, Battery firmware check, and Battery state of health check.

This helps you in keeping your tools in perfect condition for the best rescue performance possible.

How does the new dual-mode operation enhance safety and training?

The reduced speed (training) mode is ideal for training because of its reduced speed.

Less or inexperienced firefighters can be surprised by Pentheon’s unparalleled speed.

So, with a lower speed, it is easier to see what the reaction of the tool is on the car and it gives trainers more time to intervene and correct if the trainee needs their expertise.

What measures ensure consistent performance in the next-gen series?

The next-gen Pentheon Series takes durability to the max.


Whether you use your tools for the first time or arrive at an incident with equipment that’s been used countless times, a smart pressure sensor in the hydraulic part of the tool ensures that you’ll always have access to constant, maximum power.

This sensor is set in software to our maximum working pressure of 720 bars.

How does the next-gen series reduce downtime and enhance reliability?

With this Holmatro Diagnostics Software, your dealer can log in to gain insight into even more live data and check for possible issues with your next-gen Pentheon tools.

Also, they will use the software to perform the annual Holmatro Inspection Procedure (HIP®) of your Holmatro equipment.

The Holmatro Diagnostics Software is indispensable for Holmatro dealers to properly maintain the Pentheon series tools.

The step-by-step plan in the software saves your dealer time and thus the user downtime.

The software also ensures that no inspection steps are skipped.

This, in turn, contributes to a more reliable tool.

How will the next-gen Pentheon series change first responders’ day-to-day operations?

The Holmatro Pentheon series (1st series and next-gen) generally changes the day-to-day operations of first responders.

With unparalleled speed, ultimate control, and battery management made easy, Holmatro in 2020 launched its new series of high-tech cordless rescue tools, designed to outperform all other tools on the market, regardless of whether these are battery-powered or connected to an external pump by means of a hose.

The existing game-changing features of the 1st series of Pentheon tools are still there! In my opinion, it is very relevant to mention the most important 3 features again.

Unparalleled Speed

The Pentheon Series offers much higher speed than other rescue equipment.

This is thanks to a new and patented mechatronic system inside these tools.

This system continuously optimises the motor and pump settings to deliver a maximised oil flow over the full pressure range.

Where all other rescue tools show a significant decrease in speed when switching to another stage to deal with higher loads, Holmatro Pentheon tools stick to the ideal stepless speed curve.

Ultimate Control

Being much faster than previous generations of rescue tools, Pentheon tools are equipped with a two-mode control handle for ultimate speed control.

This enables rescuers, at any time during the rescue operation, to choose between the tools’ high-speed and low-speed modes.

Within these modes, the speed is still proportional to how far you turn the control handle to its left or right.

Battery Management Made Easy

With Holmatro Pentheon tools, battery management is as easy as just plugging it in.

Thanks to On-Tool Charging, you can charge the battery while it remains on the tool.

This means you don’t need to swap batteries all the time.

Simply connect the tool to the charger and the whole charging process will regulate itself.

The battery on the tool always has priority over the one on the charger, which will resume charging when the battery on the tool is 100% full.

Three chargers can be connected in series to be powered from a single outlet.

This allows you to charge a total of 6 batteries without any management, whether placed on a charger or on a tool connected to it.

With the Next-Gen Pentheon series, we’ve made some significant improvements and added a couple of valuable features on performance, usability, connectivity, and serviceability.

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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