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ROCKWOOL introduces new CPD module to enhance fire safety in multifunctional flat roofs

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New CPD targets fire risk management for multifunctional flat roofs

In a recent development, ROCKWOOL, a leading UK stone wool insulation manufacturer, has unveiled a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module.

This initiative is designed to assist roofing contractors and specifiers in evaluating and reducing potential fire safety risks associated with flat roofs used as additional functional spaces in buildings.

Module focuses on multifunctional flat roofs in urban environments

Flat roofs, especially prevalent in densely populated urban areas, are increasingly being utilised for various social and practical applications.

The new CPD module aims to enhance the understanding of modern flat roof functions and the identification and mitigation of fire risks both above and below the roof.

This module is grounded in the insights from ROCKWOOL’s recently published whitepaper, ‘Flat roofs: The functional fifth façade.’

Educational content and practical applications outlined in CPD

Lisa Stephens, Product Manager – Building Envelope, ROCKWOOL UK, detailed the module’s objectives: “By taking part in this CPD module, roofing professionals will learn about the implications of practical and social installations on flat roofs and their impact on design and build.”

 The CPD also delves into the specifics of solar PV installations, reflecting current regulations and guidance.

Building regulations and product solutions featured in CPD

Participants of the ‘Flat roofs: The functional fifth façade’ CPD will gain insights into the requirements of the Building Regulations for flat roofs and relevant guidance documents like Approved Document B.

The CPD concludes with an overview of ROCKWOOL’s range of fire-resistant stone wool insulation products, compatible with various modern flat roof systems.

Accessibility and registration details for the CPD module

The module is accessible through ROCKWOOL’s bespoke learning platform, ROCKWOOL Learning, and also as a traditional in-person course.

Interested individuals can learn more and register for the CPD at

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of ROCKWOOL’s new CPD module represents a significant step towards enhancing fire safety in the construction sector.

As urban spaces become denser and flat roofs are increasingly used for diverse purposes, understanding and mitigating fire risks become imperative.

This CPD module not only educates professionals on the risks but also guides them through the regulatory landscape and introduces them to suitable insulation solutions.

It exemplifies the industry’s commitment to continuous learning and adaptation to evolving architectural trends and safety standards.

Such initiatives are vital for safeguarding urban environments and enhancing the overall safety and functionality of modern buildings.

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