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Rosenbauer introduces guidelines for optimal light mast maintenance

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The need for perfectly illuminating operational sites has been a consistent concern in emergency operations.

In line with this, Rosenbauer has combined LED illuminants to produce maximum light yield, offering full flexibility, including upward illumination.

The light mast doesn’t only serve as extended scene lighting but can also highlight any point around the vehicle when positioned appropriately.

Such utility does expose the light mast to various conditions, demanding periodic care to ensure durability.

Rosenbauer’s essential care for light mast longevity

  1. Drain condensation water every 1-3 months: Depending on weather conditions, it’s advisable to drain the condensation water. The process involves extending the light mast by approximately one metre and manually draining water through the valve. One should ensure the light mast head is positioned correctly to prevent any potential collisions. This procedure can also serve as an emergency operation.
  2. Clean and maintain for smooth operation: If the light mast exhibits delayed lowering, it might be due to insufficient lubrication in the telescopic area. The solution involves extending the light mast, cleaning the telescopic section with a damp cloth (using grease remover or soap-based cleaner), and evenly applying a non-branded PTFE-based spray over the entire telescopic tube.

Rosenbauer’s practical advice for enhanced illumination

Older light mast models, especially those fitted with halogen floodlights (either 230V or 24V), can benefit from an upgrade to LED illuminants.

LEDs are known to be three times as efficient as conventional bulbs, producing significant illumination.

An added advantage is that the earlier required 230V supply is no longer necessary, with power now sourced from the 24V vehicle supply.

IFSJ Comment

Rosenbauer’s emphasis on regular maintenance of light masts underlines the significance of optimal performance in emergency operations.

Proper illumination is crucial to ensuring safety and effectiveness on the ground.

The steps highlighted by Rosenbauer not only ensure longevity but also enhanced performance.

Upgrading to LED illuminants and adhering to the suggested maintenance routines can provide a tangible improvement in emergency response scenarios, reflecting the innovation-driven approach of Rosenbauer.

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