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Rosenbauer set to release new lightweight fire helmet, the HEROS H10, later this year

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Introduction of the HEROS H10 to enhance fire safety gear

Rosenbauer is preparing to enhance its fire safety equipment line with the upcoming release of the HEROS H10 helmet in fall 2024.

The new model focuses on providing essential protection against both flames and mechanical impacts while minimising the weight to alleviate strain on firefighters during extended wear.

Development and design insights of the HEROS H10

The HEROS H10 was meticulously designed to comply with multiple safety standards, achieved through extensive design and prototyping stages, including 3D printing to refine its features and ensure its adaptability.

“Our rigorous testing and prototyping have been instrumental in developing a helmet that meets the diverse needs of fire safety and rescue operations while providing unprecedented comfort,” stated a Rosenbauer representative.

Transition to production and unique features of the HEROS H10

Currently in the pre-series production phase, the HEROS H10 employs advanced materials and manufacturing techniques such as injection molding to produce the helmet shells.

The helmet is notable for its lightweight, under 500 grams, and versatility, certified for various uses including forest firefighting, mountain rescue, and industrial safety, making it suitable for a broad range of emergency scenarios.

IFSJ Comment

The forthcoming launch of the HEROS H10 helmet represents a strategic enhancement to Rosenbauer’s safety equipment offering, anticipating the needs of fire and rescue personnel who require reliable protection without the burden of heavy gear.

This innovation in helmet design is indicative of Rosenbauer’s commitment to advancing safety technology, aligning with industry standards and expanding the functionality of protective gear used in challenging environments.

The introduction of the HEROS H10 is expected to set a new benchmark in the design and functionality of fire safety helmets.

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