Rosenbauer unveils advanced wildfire equipment for fire departments

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Rosenbauer, a leading name in firefighting equipment, has announced the launch of new products aimed at enhancing wildfire operations.

This information was recently shared at notable firefighting trade fairs, where the brand showcased their latest innovations in personal protective equipment.

Wildfire equipment: Rosenbauer’s cutting-edge gloves and protective suit

Presented at events including “Retter Wels”, “Sobra Radgona”, and “Florian Dresden”, Rosenbauer introduced their GLOROS F10 gloves.

These gloves were specifically designed for long-term operations at high ambient temperatures, ensuring comfort even during prolonged usage.

Another highlight was the GAROS G10 wildfire protection suit.

Having made its debut in June, the suit was exhibited to the public for the first time at these fairs.

Both these innovative products can be viewed in further detail on Rosenbauer’s official press release.

Anticipated launch of the HEROS H10 helmet:

Visitors at these fairs were treated to an exclusive preview of the prototype for the HEROS H10 wildfire helmet.

Set to be available in the Autumn 2024, this helmet is designed to be exceptionally durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

IFSJ Comment

Rosenbauer’s innovative approach to creating equipment that addresses the unique challenges faced during wildfire operations demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety of firefighting professionals.

By prioritising comfort without compromising on protective features, Rosenbauer is setting new industry standards.

The unveiling of these products provides fire departments with enhanced options for ensuring the safety of their teams, particularly in the challenging conditions of wildfires.

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