Rosenbauer unveils lightweight forest fire protection suit

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A look at the latest innovation in fire safety, engineered for the toughest outdoor challenges

Rosenbauer’s latest offering

Rosenbauer has introduced the GAROS G10, their lightest protective suit yet, tailor-made for forest fire operations and technical assistance. There are two variations of this suit available: one exclusively for forest fire situations and another named the GAROS G10 TR, which is a combined forest fire and technical aid protection suit.

The GAROS G10 sets itself apart with its light weight, measuring less than 2kg for the complete set of jacket and trousers, and offers maximum mobility alongside excellent comfort.

Performance under heat

In terms of flame and heat resistance, the GAROS G10 adheres to forest fire standard EN ISO 15384, which pertains to outdoor firefighting and related activities. It also meets EN ISO 11612, which lays out requirements for protection against temporary high temperatures, such as sparks, falling branches, or heated objects. The THL version of the suit, GAROS G10 TR, additionally provides enhanced visibility as per EN ISO 16689.

Customised design for comfort

The new suit boasts a single-layer fabric structure composed of a viscose-aramid antistatic mixture, offering a comfortable feeling against the skin. Body heat is effectively channelled outwards thanks to the thin layer of fabric. Additional ventilation openings under the armpits aid in efficient heat and moisture dissipation. With an enhanced vapour permeability, the GAROS G10 outperforms waterproof fire protection suits by over four times.

Key to the GAROS G10’s comfort is its ergonomic design, referred to as Ergocut, which is influenced by Rosenbauer’s top products, the FIRE FLEX and GAROS G30. The suit has been meticulously designed to support movements, featuring preformed elbow and shoulder joint areas on the jacket, and stretch fabric in the armpit area to allow for unrestricted arm movement. The trousers are preformed in the knee area and specially reinforced for kneeling tasks.

The GAROS G10 is designed in a monochromatic theme (either black-blue or gold), while the combined forest fire and technical aid protection suit, the GAROS G10 TR, is two-toned (black-blue/yellow or gold/yellow), with a yellow shoulder area for enhanced visibility under low light conditions.

Two equipment variants are available – a standard and a premium one, with the latter equipped with extra features such as collar adjustment, sleeve width adjustment, and leg width adjustment. Both suits come in a wide range of finely tuned sizes and lengths. The new protective suits will hit the market in early July.

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