Rosenbauer unveils two new firefighting boots

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Broadening the choice of boots for firefighters

Rosenbauer, a renowned provider of safety equipment, has announced the launch of two new additions to its range of protective footwear: the B2 and the B3 Cross. These innovative boots, designed with the needs of the wearer in mind, are set to augment the existing line-up of mid-priced options. The new models are certified to the rigorous EN 15090 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC standards, affirming their ability to provide optimal protection and comfort.

Enhanced design for maximum comfort and adaptability

According to the company: “The dynamic cut and the ergonomic construction guarantee a very high wearing comfort.” Four diverse entry and release systems enable the boots to be tailored perfectly to the wearer’s individual needs and conditions, allowing adjustments to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. The new boots are designed not only to meet operational conditions but also to accommodate the wearer’s anatomy and usage habits.

B2 boot: Quick-entry, lace-up option for the perfect fit

The B2 boot, replacing the soon-to-be-discontinued Tornado model, is a novel lace-up design featuring a quick-entry and two-zone lacing system. The unique lacing allows for different tensioning for the forefoot and leg, accommodating those with unequal proportions, such as wider forefoot and narrow ankle or stronger calves but narrow insteps. Once laced, the tension distribution is held constant with the aid of two lacing stoppers situated at ankle height. The B2 boot is ideally suited for everyday use and prolonged firefighting operations, as it can be rapidly worn and ensures an ideal fit.

B3 Cross boot: Lightweight, versatile choice for rescue operations

The B3 Cross, a short boot, stands out for its light weight — just 2.3 kg per pair in size 43 — and the reliable protection it offers up to the ankle, making it an excellent choice for rescue operations. The proven lacing system from its predecessor, the Twister-cross, features a tear-resistant stainless steel cord tightened and fixed with a push rotary knob, easily released when removing the boot. Its convenience over traditional lacing systems lies in one-handed operation and adjustability even in the thick of action. The B3 Cross suits those with relatively even anatomy.

Availability and unique features of the B2 and B3 Cross boots

Both the B2 and B3 Cross boots are available in sizes 36 to 52 and in widths 10 and 12. They will be available for purchase online from July and August respectively, and can be pre-ordered immediately via sales partners.

A key characteristic of these boots is their superior comfort, facilitated by high-tech materials and an athletic design. Memory foam reinforcement around the ankle provides cushioning and protection, while a multi-layer, highly flexible Sympatex membrane allows for excellent climate regulation. These boots also feature a water and dirt-repellent European-produced buckskin upper material. The durable outsole provides optimal grip across temperatures ranging from -20°C to +200°C and on varied terrains.

Rosenbauer’s new B2 and B3 Cross boots join the already available B1 slip-on boot and B4 top model in the online shop and through sales partners. This line of boots maintains Rosenbauer’s commitment to providing high-quality, comfortable, and protective footwear for those in the line of fire.

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