Rosenbauer’s new RTE PX 14 power generator: Powering sustainable firefighting

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A leap in power generator technology: The RTE PX 14 Basic and RTE PX 14 Super Silent

Rosenbauer has unveiled two new power generators: the RTE PX 14 Basic and the RTE PX 14 Super Silent. These next-generation power generators, as reported on the company’s official site, are significant enhancements of the successful RS 14 series, inheriting their predecessors’ functionalities and performance characteristics while notably taking a significant step towards sustainability, with much of the units now recyclable.

This commendable sustainability achievement was realised by substituting the previously used glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP) with aluminium parts. These GFRP components, originally incorporated for weight and aesthetic considerations, are now successfully replaced without any compromise on performance.

RTE PX 14 Super Silent: A boon for environmental and public health

The newly launched power generator from Rosenbauer also stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. The RTE PX 14 Super Silent model is specifically designed with a sound-optimised stainless steel exhaust system and a noise-absorbing shell. These features curtail the sound output by nearly five decibels compared to the Basic version, making it the quietest power generator in its category.

“The reduced noise pollution not only brings relief to residents near the site of use but also shields the health of emergency personnel over the long term,” said the official press release.

Efficiency and user-friendliness of the RTE PX 14 power generators

The RTE PX 14 Super Silent also features an ECO mode that automatically scales down the engine speed when no loads are switched on, thus operating at a noticeably lower noise level. The engine speed automatically increases to its nominal level and delivers full power once the consumers are switched on.

The drive unit utilises a 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine with injection technology for optimal control and efficient operation, resulting in low fuel consumption, estimated at 6 litres per hour at full load.

The power generator is designed to be user-friendly and can be operated safely across its full range of functions. The display provides all the necessary operational information, including total load, load distribution, and fuel level.

Sustainable firefighting products: RTE PX 14

Developed and manufactured in-house by Rosenbauer, the RTE PX 14 power generators are made from high-quality and resistant materials to withstand the extreme stresses during operation.

The generators meet all DIN 14658-1 requirements, making them ideal for firefighting operations. They feature several connection options to cater to various consumer needs at the operation site.

The RTE PX 14 power generators will be available for ordering from the Rosenbauer Online shop from July and deliveries will commence in autumn 2023.

IFSJ Comment

This development represents a significant leap in power generator technology. Rosenbauer’s commitment to sustainability, user-friendly design, and innovative technology solutions like the RTE PX 14 are shaping the future of firefighting.

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