SFPE announces registration for fire protection engineering PE exam review course


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SFPE offers comprehensive preparation for the PE Exam

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has announced the opening of registration for its Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Fire Protection Exam Review Course.

Commencing on November 28, 2023, and spanning until April 2024, the course is strategically timed to assist candidates in their preparation for the Fire Protection Engineering PE Exam scheduled for April 16th, 2024.

Expert guidance for aspiring fire protection engineers

With ten instructors specialising in various aspects of fire protection engineering, the SFPE PE Exam Review Course taps into the vast expertise of SFPE’s member community.

The live online courses, available twice a week, also offer recorded sessions for on-demand access.

Attendees benefit from added review sessions, online discussions, practical problem-solving exercises, and dedicated office hours with the instructors.

This comprehensive approach ensures candidates are well-equipped to approach the exam.

Stephen Dale, Chair of the SFPE PE Exam Review Subcommittee, commented: “The SFPE PE Exam Review Course focuses on the fundamentals of each topic area of fire protection engineering while preparing attendees to think critically, adapt to the exam, and be successful Professional Engineers.”

Historical data indicates that engineers who opt for the 18-week SFPE PE Exam Review Course are notably better prepared for the PE exam compared to those who don’t.

Further insights about the SFPE Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Fire Protection Exam Review Course and the upcoming NCEES spring exam timetable can be found at sfpe.org/2024peexamreviewcourse.

IFSJ Comment

As the world moves towards more stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring that engineers are proficiently trained becomes paramount.

The comprehensive preparation offered by SFPE, harnessing the expertise of its member community, underlines its commitment to elevating the standards of fire protection engineering.

For aspiring engineers, this course represents an invaluable opportunity to be adequately prepared, especially given the evolving challenges in fire safety and protection.

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