SFPE appoints Chris Jelenewicz as new Chief Executive Officer

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The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has announced the appointment of Chris Jelenewicz, PE, FSFPE, as its new Chief Executive Officer.

This significant development in the leadership of the world’s foremost professional body for fire protection and fire safety engineering marks a new chapter for the organisation.

Jelenewicz, a seasoned member of the SFPE team since 2004, succeeds Nicole Boston, CAE, who served as the CEO from October 2013 through April 2023.

Having most recently held the roles of Chief Engineer and Interim CEO, Jelenewicz brings a wealth of expertise to his new position.

He possesses academic credentials in fire protection engineering and management from the University of Maryland and is a licensed professional engineer in this specialised field.

His appointment is a testament to his reputation as a respected and trusted industry leader.

Leadership transition and strategic vision for SFPE

The transition of leadership comes at a pivotal time for the SFPE.

With over 5,300 members, the society is at a critical juncture in its evolution.

Bob Libby, PE, FSFPE, President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, highlighted the importance of Jelenewicz’s appointment: “The SFPE Board of Directors continues their support, affirming that Chris is the right person to guide the Society.

“In line with our Mission – to define, develop, & advance the use of engineering best practices, expand the scientific knowledge base; & educate the global fire safety community to reduce fire risk – Chris will concentrate on what matters most and effectively serve the needs of our expanding 5,300+ member community,” said Libby.

He further added: “Under Chris’s leadership, SFPE is embracing a new strategic plan, navigating a thoughtful staff restructuring, and will ensure we not only meet the needs of our members but also strengthen the very foundation of SFPE for a sustainable and impactful future.”

Key responsibilities and future endeavours

In his new role, Jelenewicz will oversee the Society’s staff and a range of significant programs.

Among these are the 15th SFPE Fire Safety Conference & Expo on Performance-Based Design in Copenhagen, the SFPE Annual Conference & Expo, and the upcoming sixth edition of the SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, slated for release later this year.

For further information or to reach out to the new CEO, Chris Jelenewicz can be contacted at [email protected].

Detailed information about the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, including its leadership and various programs, can be found on their official website, sfpe.org.

IFSJ Comment

The appointment of Chris Jelenewicz as the Chief Executive Officer of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers signifies a noteworthy development in the realm of fire safety and protection engineering.

Jelenewicz’s comprehensive background in fire protection engineering, coupled with his longstanding association with SFPE, positions him uniquely to lead the society through its next phase of growth and development.

His leadership is expected to drive the society’s mission forward, particularly in defining and developing engineering best practices and expanding the scientific knowledge base in fire safety.

This transition comes at a crucial time when the global fire safety community is continually evolving, facing new challenges, and requiring innovative solutions.

Jelenewicz’s expertise and vision are anticipated to play a vital role in advancing SFPE’s impact on fire safety and protection engineering, thereby contributing to the broader goal of reducing fire risks globally.

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