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South Wales Fire and Rescue Service announces redevelopment of fire station in Pontypool


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A modern approach to fire safety and sustainability

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) has announced plans to redevelop the New Inn Fire Station in Pontypool.

The current station, operational since 1952, has reached the end of its material lifespan and is no longer suitable for the demands of modern fire and rescue operations.

The new station, set to be constructed on the same site, aims to be a beacon of sustainability and modern design.

Station Commander for New Inn, Simon Brown, emphasised the project’s focus on environmental responsibility: “Construction of the new-build Fire Station brings the opportunity to design a building with sustainability as a key objective.

“SWFRS aims to achieve a Net Zero Carbon energy rating for the new building, as an exemplar project within SWFRS’ estate.”

Innovative features for a greener future

The redevelopment plans include replacing the station’s traditional brick training tower with a black steel frame structure.

The new facility will boast 23 parking spaces, including three disabled bays and five electric vehicle charging stations, underscoring the shift towards sustainable transportation.

Additionally, the station will be equipped with solar panels, further contributing to its green credentials.

Environmental considerations and local wildlife

SWFRS is not just focusing on the station’s functionality and carbon footprint; environmental considerations extend to the station’s surroundings.

The plan includes the planting of five field maple trees and the establishment of a new hedgerow, shrubs, and a well-being area for staff.

In a nod to local biodiversity, the project will also see the installation of bat and bird boxes.

Maintaining service during construction

To ensure continuity of service in Pontypool during the construction phase, SWFRS plans to submit a planning application for a temporary fire station.

This move is aimed at maintaining an appropriate level of fire and rescue service in the area.

IFSJ Comment

The redevelopment of New Inn Fire Station by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service marks a progressive step towards integrating sustainability into essential public services.

The focus on achieving a Net Zero Carbon energy rating and the incorporation of eco-friendly features like solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations reflect a forward-thinking approach.

The inclusion of green spaces and considerations for local wildlife further enrich the project, making it a model for future developments in the fire and rescue sector.

As communities and services increasingly prioritise sustainability, projects like this serve as valuable examples of how to balance functionality with environmental consciousness.

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