South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service announces leadership appointment


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Leadership transition in South Yorkshire’s fire service

Andy Strelczenie has been named the new Deputy Chief Fire Officer of South Yorkshire, following an extensive and thorough selection process.

Currently holding the position of Assistant Chief Fire Officer within the same service, Strelczenie’s promotion comes after he successfully navigated through several recruitment stages, culminating in an interview with the Fire Authority’s appointments committee.

With a 27-year tenure in the fire and rescue service, starting at Hereford and Worcester Fire & Rescue Service before his transfer to South Yorkshire, Strelczenie has played a pivotal role in various critical areas.

His contributions have spanned emergency response, service improvement, business fire safety, and inspection planning, among other responsibilities.

Unanimous approval and forward vision

The appointment has garnered unanimous support from the Fire Authority’s appointments panel, highlighting Strelczenie’s impressive candidacy and forward-looking vision for the service.

Cllr Charlie Hogarth, Fire Authority Chair, expressed enthusiasm for Andy’s upcoming contributions: “The Fire Authority’s appointments panel found Andy to be an extremely impressive candidate and we were excited by his vision for the service.

“We were unanimous in our decision to appoint him to the position of Deputy Chief Fire Officer and are excited to continue working closely with him in his new role.”

Commitment to service improvement and culture

Expressing his eagerness to assume his new responsibilities, Andy Strelczenie shared his ambitions for the role: “I look forward to working with people across the service to continually improve the work we do for local people.

“I very much look forward to using my skills and experience to foster a positive workplace culture for all our staff.”

Strelczenie is set to take up his new role in March, succeeding the retiring Deputy Chief Fire Officer Tony Carlin.

IFSJ Comment

The appointment of Andy Strelczenie as Deputy Chief Fire Officer marks a strategic step forward for the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

His extensive experience and proven leadership within the fire and rescue sector position him well to steer the service towards future challenges and opportunities.

Andy’s commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture and enhancing service delivery underscores the importance of leadership in public safety roles.

As the service faces the demands of the future, Andy’s role will be instrumental in ensuring that the fire and rescue service remains equipped to protect and serve the community effectively.

This transition not only represents continuity within the leadership ranks but also a commitment to embracing new ideas and approaches to improve service delivery and community engagement.

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