Streamlight introduces new versatile work light: the BearTrap 360

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Innovative design and versatility of BearTrap 360

Streamlight, a provider of high-performance lighting solutions, recently unveiled the BearTrap 360, a multifunctional, rechargeable work light designed to offer exceptional flexibility and brightness.

The BearTrap 360 features a body that rotates 360° horizontally and pivots 270° vertically, ensuring that users can direct light precisely where needed.

This versatility is particularly beneficial in complex or dynamic work environments where lighting conditions frequently change.

The light is capable of delivering up to 2,000 lumens, making it powerful enough for a variety of tasks.

Its unique design includes a spring-loaded clamp and integrated magnets, allowing it to attach securely to both flat and irregular surfaces.

This adaptability makes the BearTrap 360 an ideal choice for first responders, automotive and industrial technicians, and outdoor enthusiasts who require reliable and adaptable lighting.

Enhanced functionality for diverse applications

“The new functionality of the BearTrap 360 now gives first responders, automotive and industrial technicians, outdoor enthusiasts, and other users the ability to easily spin the body of the light horizontally in addition to moving it vertically, for any angle view,” said Michael F. Dineen, Streamlight’s Chief Revenue Officer.

This enhancement is particularly useful in scenarios such as working on car engines or illuminating scenes at an accident or fire, where mobility and light direction are critical.

Furthermore, the BearTrap 360 offers six different output modes, which include three spot and three flood settings, providing varied lighting options to cover large areas or focus intensely on specific points.

The light’s versatility is complemented by its durable construction, featuring a gasket-sealed lens that is resistant to common automotive and industrial chemicals, and an IPX4-rated design for water-resistant operation.

Technical specifications and user-friendly design

Weighing just over a kilogram, the BearTrap 360 is portable yet sturdy enough to withstand challenging conditions.

It uses a 7.26-volt, 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in 5.5 hours and also supports continuous operation when connected to an AC power source.

Its easy-to-use push-button on/off switch includes a battery life indicator that alerts users when the battery needs replacement, ensuring uninterrupted use.

The BearTrap 360 is constructed from robust thermoplastic, adding to its durability and suitability for harsh working environments.

With dimensions that make it easy to handle and transport, it offers a practical solution for professionals and hobbyists who need a reliable light source that adapts quickly to varying conditions.

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of the BearTrap 360 by Streamlight marks an advancement in work lighting technology, combining high performance, adaptability, and robust construction.

This light is set to enhance the efficiency of various professionals by providing flexible and powerful lighting solutions that meet the diverse demands of modern work environments.

The BearTrap 360 exemplifies how innovation in design can significantly improve practical applications in safety and task lighting.

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