Surrey home withstands fire test with class 1 Magply boards

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A fire in Surrey could have been disastrous for a million-pound house had it not been for the installation of Magply boards, which provided a crucial barrier against the flames.

The incident, which saw a blaze engulf a garage in August, tested the fire-resistant properties of the building material when a parked vehicle inside the garage went up in flames.

Magply boards prove effective in real-life fire test scenario

The house, constructed using a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) system, utilised Magply as the exterior substrate panel for its render system.

Despite the intensity of the fire, which devastated the garage, the main house sustained only surface damage thanks to the Magply boards.

Glosford SIPs confirmed the effectiveness of Magply after examining core samples post-fire to assure the integrity of the SIPs structure beneath the boards.

James Corlett, the Contracts Manager for Fullers Plastering, stated: “The fire-resistant qualities of the Magply boards saved the day.”

He further added: “We had utilized Magply as a render-backer on a number of projects before being awarded the contract to apply K-Rend to the half dozen homes here and have always been very pleased with the performance.”

The homeowner expressed satisfaction with the performance of Magply boards during the fire, noting that the K-Rend faced the heat head-on and would be replaced as a precaution.

They said: “The Magply boards stood up extremely well: although the K-Rend which took the full brunt of the heat cannot be easily removed.”

The homeowner is looking forward to repairs, which are expected to take approximately eight weeks, contingent upon the delivery of new windows.

The benefits of using Magply boards highlighted

Fullers Plastering, a Brighton-based company, often chooses Magply for its projects, backed by their practical experience with the material in various applications.

The company’s decision to consult with John Malone, National Sales Manager at IPP Magply, before beginning construction has shown its merit through the real-life performance of Magply in the Surrey fire incident.

Magply’s product is continually subjected to tests to meet stringent safety standards, which includes BBA certification and assessments by top UK testing houses.

Although the brand never wishes for its products to be tested by real-life fires, they acknowledge the board’s capability to perform under such conditions.

For detailed information about Magply and its uses, visit Magply.

IFSJ Comment

In the ever-evolving landscape of fire safety and prevention, the effectiveness of fire-resistant materials in real-life situations is invaluable.

The incident in Surrey presents a case for the effectiveness of Magply boards. The fact that the Magply boards were able to protect the SIPs construction under intense heat exemplifies their reliability and potential to ensure building integrity during a fire.

Such real-world validations of product efficacy are crucial for the industry, offering a significant learning curve for fire safety professionals.

They also set a precedent for future construction practices and material selection, influencing the building codes and standards that safeguard residential and commercial properties.

About Magply

Magply manufactures a multi-use, A1 non-combustible board widely used in the construction industry.

Their product portfolio spans applications in offsite and timber frame sectors, high-rise cladding systems, and interior fit-outs for modular constructions.

Magply boards are known for their fire resistance and are certified by various fire safety tests to ensure compliance with rigorous fire safety standards.

With a commitment to continuous testing and improvement, Magply ensures that their boards meet the needs of current building regulations and client expectations.

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