Survitec unveils remote support service for inert gas systems in the maritime industry

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New remote support service introduced after successful pilot tests

Survitec, a global provider of survival technology solutions, has launched a new remote support service for its inert gas (IG) systems. The development follows a successful completion of pilot tests with a leading tanker operator. The Maritime Protection brand, specialising in inert gas, was the frontrunner in this new initiative.

The remote support service is set to offer a quicker access to inert gas expertise for IG system operators. It will assist in averting system failures and maintain system efficiency.

Enhanced system performance and cost reduction

Bernt Øhrn, the Managing Director of Maritime Protection, stated: “Inert gas systems are essential and complex safety systems. If they fail, it’s effectively treated as an emergency situation requiring immediate remedial action. We have developed a way of supporting our customers remotely, reducing vessel off-hire through system downtime, and cutting back on the need to send out service engineers to the ship, which can be costly.” This remote support will enable specialist IG engineers to access the system remotely for system tuning, fault diagnosis and solution arrangement.

Official unveiling at Nor-shipping event in Oslo

The remote support service, which serves as an IG monitoring, diagnostics and control service, was officially launched at the Nor-shipping event in Oslo, following successful pilot tests aboard a 40,000dwt product tanker.

The call for a remote support solution became more apparent during the Covid pandemic. Travel restrictions limited engineers’ ability to board vessels to diagnose and repair faults in situ. A prominent European-based tanker operator and long-standing Maritime Protection customer assisted in the development of the solution, which is now functioning aboard 32 product tankers.

Virtual support service to optimise safety systems

Øhrn further elaborated: “Both companies agreed that a virtual support service where our inert gas engineers could log in to access the IG system remotely, diagnose any problems and fix them immediately, without having to travel out to the ship, would not only reduce operational costs but keep this critical safety system operating optimally.”

In case of system breakdown or a situation requiring physical presence, the shore-based technicians will be able to identify the problem and provide the necessary spare parts in advance. This will cut down on the time spent onboard and ensure that the fault can be repaired in one trip.

Secure and efficient system operation

Remote Support employs a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) gateway, which can be installed without any system wiring or modifications. This is compatible with all Maritime Protection IG and nitrogen systems. Additional security measures, such as a “key” switch, are included to quickly enable or disable remote support and internet access.

Marine Protection is offering this Remote Control as an annual fee-based leasing model. It will include crew training, spare parts for the IG system, and regular system tune-ups to reduce fuel consumption and increase system stability. Øhrn concluded by saying, “Our technicians can tune up the IG system remotely to stabilise the oxygen content, optimising fuel consumption, which can realise significant fuel cost savings for each IG system.”

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