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Transform 2024: Siemens’ major digital and sustainability conference comes to Manchester

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Overview of Transform 2024

Over 4,000 delegates including industry leaders, technology experts, and policymakers are set to gather at Manchester Central for the Transform 2024 event, scheduled for July 17th and 18th.

Hosted by Siemens, the conference aims to drive digital and sustainable transformation across various sectors.

This year’s event builds on the success of Transform 2022 and will include discussions on AI, the industrial metaverse, decarbonisation, and the roles of fire protection systems and building management systems.

Features and opportunities at the event

The two-day, free-to-attend conference will offer participants the opportunity to engage with Siemens’ experts for personalised consultations to overcome transformation challenges.

Carl Ennis, CEO of Siemens GB & Ireland, expressed the core objectives of the event: “Transform 2024 will host the community that is solving today’s most pressing challenges.

Combining the real and digital worlds in new ways is at the heart of so many of the strategies that are making this possible.”

Expected outcomes for attendees

Ennis further highlighted the practical benefits for attendees: “Our aim is for delegates to leave with greater clarity and confidence to move forward with digital and sustainability transformation, and to help them discover tangible solutions for making their organisation more competitive, resilient, and sustainable.”

He also noted the event’s role as a crucial forum for broader issues such as enhancing the UK’s STEM talent pool and promoting UK industry globally.

IFSJ Comment

The convening of Transform 2024 underscores the growing need for industry to adapt and innovate in response to environmental and technological challenges.

Siemens’ initiative to facilitate this gathering reflects an ongoing commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where new technologies and strategies can be explored and implemented effectively.

This conference serves not only as a catalyst for change within participating organisations but also contributes to broader industry advancements in sustainability and digital transformation.

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