The importance of fire doorset inspection training


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Independent Fire Training Ltd.’s range of fire training courses have been tailored to varying levels of experience and training outcomes, Ben Freeman talks to IFSJ 

Fire safety has never been more of a focus than it is currently within facilities, construction, and maintenance. It is at the forefront of media following the unnecessary loss of life at the Grenfell Tower and further-more in relation to the subsequent ongoing enquiry. 

Independent Fire Training Ltd (IFI) are passionate about developing knowledge and competency to ensure that the buildings of the future are safer than the past. 

Fire doorsets, their importance and compliance has been a focus point for discussion and opinion in the Fire Safety Industry recently. Brought to the attention of the world following the tragedies at Grenfell and the failures in compartmentation, the importance of fire doors in life safety has never been more relevant.  

The purpose of fire doorsets is to restrict the spread of fire and smoke by maintaining the fire separation of compartmentation, to protect escape routes and to restrict the initial development of fire.  Fire resisting doorsets are generally required along escape routes, staircases, at the principal entrance to flats and in locations where fires are expected to occur. A fire doorset and its importance is often overlooked, and that is why it is paramount that fire door training isn’t just limited to those people within the industry who are looking to develop their wealth of knowledge and is made more accessible to the wider audience.

1-ISJ- The importance of fire doorset inspection training

It is important to recognise that not all candidates require the same level of training. Many will not require to become a Fire Door Inspector but do need to understand the properties of a fire doorset and the tell-tale signs of a poor installation or maintenance. Those candidates who are manufacturing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and inspecting fire doorsets should be held to a higher standard of training. 

IFI pride themselves on providing a range of courses suitable for varying levels of experience and training outcomes, assisting the varying levels of candidate looking to continue their professional development and support competency within the industry. 

The company’s fire doorset training portfolio includes a variety of training formats such as classroom-based, e-Learning and virtual training to suit any training preference and availability. The classroom-based courses include the Level 3 Award in the Inspection and Testing of Fire Resisting Door Installations (a formal inspection qualification), Timber Fire Doorsets and Fire Door Maintenance & Repair Modules with options for additional practical on-site training, and the BWF Fire Door Installation and Awareness Course. Recently launched, The Fire Doorset Inspection Course is an e-Learning training option. 

Training courses dates are pre-booked for throughout 2022 and any candidate can join these courses by contacting the Training team to reserve their place. IFI also conducts training for clients at a site of their choosing for groups of candidates where this is more suitable.  

The Level 3 Award in the Inspection and Testing of Fire Resisting Door Installation offers a formal qualification in the inspection of fire doorsets. This is a ProQual qualification regulated by Ofqual, the governments office for examination and qualifications. The qualification is best suited to site managers, supervisors, inspectors and to anyone else who works directly with fire doors. However, one of the major benefits of this qualification is that a 3-day theory and practical course is ran prior to their respective assessments which details all the information and knowledge required for the assessment. For those candidates lacking prior experience and learning with inspecting fire resisting doorsets, the Fire Doorset Inspection e-Learning Course will provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge to enable them to progress to the qualification in the future. 

Launched in March 2022, The Fire Doorset Inspection e-Learning Course is the newest addition to IFI.’s course portfolio. This course was developed in response to the ever-increasing demand for comprehensive fire doorset training. This would include key topics such as inspection, installation, maintenance, specification and testing but in a more accessible format. This course also consolidates the importance of a fire doorset and its upkeep with in-depth information on the Building Regulations and associated legislation that is specific to fire doors. A major benefit of this course is that once purchased, the candidate will have access to the training material via the Independent Fire Training website for 3 years, allowing them to refer to the course material as required. This e-Learning course is accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM), meaning a well-respected and recognised body within the Fire Safety Industry has reviewed the course content and are happy that it is up to a standard that they approve of. 

3-ISJ- The importance of fire doorset inspection training

It is important to mention that IFI’s trainers and assessors are Senior Fire Door and Fire Stopping Inspectors by trade, meaning that the training is being delivered by an expert within the industry and allows delegates to ask specific questions and promotes a wealth of active discussion throughout the training.  

IFI is a registered delivery centre of the National Open College Network (NOCN) an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation and licensed by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF). As an approved NOCN training provider IFI are approved to deliver the SiteRight assured BWF Fire Door Installation Awareness 2-day course. The course has been developed in collaboration between NOCN Group and the British Woodworking Federation to promote awareness in the construction and manufacturing industries of the factors involved in the appropriate installation of timber fire doors and doors sets. IFI hold this course publicly at a central location throughout the year and it can also be delivered at a customer’s premises for a minimum number of participants.  

IFI take fire doorset training very seriously and aim to make their training accessible to everyone. By providing top quality, recognised and accredited training IFI ensure that they uphold the integrity that should be seen across the industry. All training courses are continually reviewed and amended in line with current best practice, Building Regulations, and associated Legislation.  

IFI’s overall course portfolio covers all aspects of passive fire protection, such as fire stopping, cavity barriers, linear gap seals, structural steel protection, fire rated partitions and ceilings, fire dampers and fire rated ductwork and many other courses at varying levels of expertise. 

IFI are committed to maintaining the integrity of the industry and the high standards outlined Regulation and Legislation. IFI makes a promise to stay current within this developing industry so that everyone taking part in our training receives informative relevant learning and excellent service. 

Ben Freeman, MD, IFI Group Ltd and Founder of IFI says; “As a leading training provider, our focus is on increasing the knowledge and competency of all those who are involved in the delivery and management of fire safety within buildings. We ensure that our training is fit for purpose regardless of what level of experience the training is aimed at and deliver training that covers varying levels of expertise. We work in an industry where you can certainly be under qualified, but never overqualified.” 

For further information around the courses available, please contact [email protected] or visit our website for further details.

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