The Last Word with Nightstick

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Jonathan Gordon, Marketing Manager – Fire & Rescue at Nightstick, talks about his recent appointment and new solutions

Can you tell us about your recent appointment at Nightstick and what led you to this position?

Coming from SaaS marketing, I intentionally sought out a digital based role with an emphasis on content creation to carve my niche.

I saw over and over that the Nightstick team did things a little differently, which is extremely exciting.

From their social responsibility to an emphasis on open communication and continuous development, the foundation is solid.

While providing digital services for customer engagement is noble, equipping firefighters and first responders with life-saving tools certainly tipped the scale for me.

What expertise do you bring to the table, and how will this strengthen Nightstick’s position in the fire and safety market?

With a background in content marketing, video production, and having a millennial’s perspective on today’s digital landscape, I bring a creative, intentional approach to gather increased awareness to the established Nightstick LED portable lighting lineup.

Being able to build relationships with departments and volunteers alike through visual and print media, the fire and safety market is put on notice: there’s a new chief in town.

How will your appointment influence Nightstick’s strategic direction?

With an already expansive and established product line-up for fire and rescue at Nightstick, I am here to supercharge Nightstick’s marketing reach while leveraging the significant growth that comes along with global brand recognition.

Alongside a student mentality, taking the time to acquire field expertise and conducting proper research will lead me to focus on creating relative content that consistently educates and engages the fire and rescue audience.

Can you share any specific initiatives or changes that you will be spearheading?

Conducting in-depth market research will be priority one. I will analyse industry trends and customer feedback to identify areas of opportunity and respond with lightning speed.

My role is to stay ahead of the curve and deliver solutions that meet evolving needs.

Building strategic partnerships and collaborations will also be instrumental.

I carry the torch to expand Nightstick’s cultural history of collaboration with fire departments, rescue organisations, and industry associations.

These partnership opportunities are as vast as they are globally diverse.

What are the biggest challenges currently facing the fire and rescue industry?

Smaller divisions have limited budgets and resources compared to larger sectors. This makes it challenging to invest in R&D, upgrade equipment, or afford the latest technology.

Let’s face it: the fire industry is steeped in loyalty and tradition. Access to safety innovative products should not be a concern.

The prevailing mindset of “how it’s always been” is my job to destroy, along with the notion that one should depend on inferior legacy equipment from entrenched brands.

Nightstick has a 40-year history in lighting innovation, so I will promote knowledge sharing and offer scalable solutions regardless of department size or awareness.

Are there any new solutions coming from Nightstick for the fire and safety sector?

Nightstick was, is, and remains the originator of Dual-Light technology.

By combining multiple beam patterns of light, Nightstick incorporates a floodlight for proximity illumination with a traditional spotlight for smoke-cutting distance illumination.

Purpose based directional lighting allows firefighters and first responders to move quickly and assuredly, while being aware of any possible slips or trips in the heat of the moment.

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