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Editor’s Note

Hello and welcome to the September Edition of International Fire and Safety Journal.

The magnitude of the wildfires on Hawaii’s Maui and across parts of Europe serve as poignant reminders of the fire and safety sector’s pivotal role in protecting lives and property.

With the devastating blazes in Greece, Turkey, and Tenerife wreaking havoc, it underscores our mission’s gravity.

Once again, we’re confronted with the need to remain proactive, fostering innovation and adopting globally recognised safety standards.

Addressing the wildfire phenomenon, WFCA’s Bob Roper, Gabriel Reza of the Glendale Fire Department, and The Institution of Fire Engineers CEO Steve Hamm shed light on global wildfire policies, combat techniques, and the urgent need for mitigation.

This month, in an exclusive Head to Head, we sit down with Clive Miles, the newly appointed Chair of the ASFP.

Our conversation travels through nearly four decades, revealing the changing landscape of the PFP sector.

Miles’ first-hand accounts provide a comprehensive look into its growth and challenges.

Our Special Report, in collaboration with MSA Safety, puts a spotlight on firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As we have seen, firefighters face unpredictable challenges, and their PPE remains a non-negotiable shield in the face of adversity.

In this issue, we delve into Building Safety regulations with experts including Dan Rossiter, explore Black Rainbow’s Nimbus with Nikki Moscrop, and uncover innovations in Fire Engineering from Ahmed Allam and VR training by James Mullins.

Additionally, Jo Taylor and Jeff Dill address decontamination and moral injury in first responders, while Fredric Pettersson and Rafal Kolodziejski discusses firefighting foams and maritime safety, capped by our Last Word from Amthal’s Reece Paprotny’s on his new role and the company’s rebrand.

We’re also thrilled to give a sneak peek into The Emergency Services Show 2023 which comes to the NEC in Birmingham on the 19-20 September.

Don’t miss out on this premier event that promises cutting-edge technologies and unmatched learning opportunities, and be sure to come see the IFSJ team at the show in Hall 5/L186.

Enjoy the magazine!

In this issue of International Fire and Safety Journal

p18 – Head to Head Exclusives with Clive Miles

The new ASFP Chair is heralding a focus on excellence, innovation, and addressing workforce concerns

p24 – Firefighting Technology

Streamlight – p24

The illumination experts share their insights into choosing the right lighting solution

Ziamatic – p28

Explore Ziamatic’s new Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts and their impact on firefighting

FLAIM – p30

Delve in to the future of VR fire training with James Mullins

p34 – Suppression

Survitec – p34

Rafal Kolodziejski explains how SMARR-TI Enhances Fire Safety in the Maritime Industry

Perimeter Solutions – p38

Fredric Pettersson looks at the new firefighting foam blending facility in Saudi Arabia

p42 – Expert Insight

Black Rainbow – p42

Nikki Moscrop explains how Black Rainbow’s Nimbus will revolutionise fire investigations

p45 – Special Report

Personal Protective Equipment

Produced in collaboration with MSA Safety

Knowledge Partner – p50

MSA’s Gustavo Lopez and Nik Blymiller discuss the latest advancements in the fire protective clothing

p58 – Show Preview

Emergency Services Show – p58

Look ahead at the essential UK trade show for the blue light sector

p64 – Wildfire

Western Fire Chiefs Association – p64

Senior Policy Advisor Bob Roper navigates the complex terrain of wildland fire policy development

The Institution of Fire Engineers – p68

Steve Hamm highlights the global imperative to combat increasing wildfires across the world

Gabe Reza – p70

Glendale Fire Department’s Senior Environmental Specialist talks the crucial role of community

p74 – Women in Fire

Antarctic Fire Angels – p74

Georgina Gilbert explains why their journey goes beyond the plains of Antarctica

WarringtonFire – p76

Namrata Moharana talks about finding her feet in the fire industry

p84 – Building Safety

Quelfire – p84

Sales Director Craig Wells looks at the road to standardisation     

BSI – p88

Dan Rossiter delves into the implementation, benefits, and challenges of the Golden Thread

FRC – p90

Director Dorian Lawrence sheds light on adaptive compliance strategies in a maze of regulation

p94 – Health and Wellbeing

De-Wipe – p94

Jo Taylor discusses the importance of decontamination

FHBA – p96

Jeff Dill sheds light on the growing concern of Moral Injury

p98 – Fire Engineering

Emirates Safety Laboratory – p98

DCD’s ESL gives a comprehensive overview of the protocols and standards for fire pump testing

CHPK – p102

Ahmed Allam highlights the need for a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to fire engineering

p104 – The Last Word

Amthal – p104

Reece Prapotny discusses his new role and Amthal’s recent rebrand

Read the latest edition of International Fire and Safety Journal now!

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