UK’s construction sector braces for new fire safety standards as Building Safety Act transition concludes

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PlanRadar outlines the future of fire safety post-BSA transition

As the transition period for the Building Safety Act (BSA) concludes on April 6th, the construction, real estate, and facilities management sectors are poised to experience a paradigm shift in fire safety standards.

Rob Norton, the UK Director at PlanRadar, has emphasized the critical need for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in fire safety processes, particularly in the management of safety information and record-keeping.

According to Norton, “new safety standards will demand improved speed and accuracy of fire safety processes, especially the strict management of fire safety information and record-keeping.”

Increased accountability and the ‘golden thread’ in fire safety protocols

Norton highlights that the end of the BSA transition period marks the beginning of an era characterized by increased responsibility for Responsible Persons (RPs) and the establishment of robust fire safety protocols.

“As we see increased accountability of RPs and foundations laid for watertight fire safety protocols, the golden thread will continue to dominate workflows to ensure industry compliance,” said Norton.

This approach is expected to foster a culture of meticulous compliance and efficiency across the sector.

Shift in focus to commercial properties and collaboration in construction

Looking ahead, Norton anticipates a potential shift in focus towards commercial properties, where fire safety standards currently lag behind those in residential areas.

“The focus could shift to commercial property in the near future, where fire safety standards are lagging behind residential,” Norton observed.

He also expressed hope for increased collaboration within the construction industry to enhance fire safety measures.

“The BSA is the push the industry needs, and I hope to see further collaboration in construction’s approach to fire safety, bringing greater consistency and quality to fire safety checks and strategies,” Norton added.

IFSJ comment

The conclusion of the Building Safety Act’s transition period is a pivotal moment for the UK’s construction and property management sectors.

It signals a move towards more stringent fire safety standards, requiring companies to adopt new technologies and methodologies for information management and compliance.

The emphasis on the ‘golden thread’ of information and the potential shift towards improving safety in commercial properties reflect the industry’s evolving priorities.

Norton’s comments underscore the importance of adaptability and collaboration in meeting these new challenges.

As the sector moves forward, the ability to efficiently manage and share safety information will be paramount, highlighting the role of digital solutions in facilitating compliance and enhancing overall fire safety.

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