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Exploring Ziamatic’s new Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts and their impact on firefighting

When it comes to mounting heavy rescue tools, Ziamatic is a top player in the game.

The Yardley, Pennsylvania based company offers over a dozen heavy rescue tool mounting solutions for firefighters – from the Single Extrication Tool Holder (QM-ETS-1) to the more recently available Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts.

“Although we have many options when it comes to heavy rescue tool mounting, our newest designs are focused on versatility, adjustability, and durability,” says Keith Creely, VP of Ziamatic.

“Because of this, we now have a product line that can be used with almost all heavy rescue tools being used in the fire industry.”

According to Creely, Ziamatic’s rescue tool mounting options needed to be versatile so that all popular tool brands could be retained in their mounts efficiently.

Adjustability was important too because as he says: “The easier it is to install and adjust a Ziamatic product, the better chance Ziamatic has of them using the same product in the future.”

Creely continues: “We design durability into our products because we understand the importance of having product that does not break and we understand the frustration the comes along with parts that break frequently.”


For Ziamatic, durability is the name of the game with the newest mounts being made of tough HDPE material.

“We chose this because of its strength and durability,” says Creely.

“HDPE is also gentle on equipment. Being plastic, one will not see corrosion nor will they have any dissimilar metal issues.”

Ziamatic’s new Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts are a great example.

The brackets of the tool use mounts made of HDPE material and are designed to store most extrication tools available to fire departments today.

The mounts are most effective when combined with one of the brackets from Ziamatic’s SURE-GRIP product line.

The Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts have been rigorously tested by receiving free falling weight drops of 60 pounds, over 100 times in a row to assure they will withstand the day-to-day use of firefighting.

The tool mounts are designed to fit most brands of hydraulic and battery-operated tools.

They can be flush-mounted or spaced from the mounting surface to provide clearance from the mounting surface.

They are tested with a maximum 5″ spacing using 3/8″ fasteners (not included).

The tool mounts are easy to use. A user simply places the jaws into the mount and secures the handle as desired.

Ziamatic suggests using mounts from its SURE-GRIP product line such as the Adjustable SURE-GRIP (model SG-VM-A-1625) and SURE-GRIP mounts (models SG-VM-A, SG-VM-XL or SG-VM-XLS).

The following models of Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts are available: QM-ET-TTS (the tool mount for combination tools and spreader – bracket only); QM-ET-TTC (the tool mount for a cutter – bracket only); SG-VM-XL-TTS (the SURE-GRIP spreader kit); SG-VM-XL-TTC (the SURE-GRIP cutter kit); SG-VM-A-TTS – (the Adjustable SURE-GRIP tool spreader kit with UMVS-1625-11 strap); SG-VM-A-TTC (the Adjustable SURE-GRIP tool cutter kit with UMVS-1625-11 strap).

Easy to use design

Ziamatic also offers another mounting option with its popular Multiple Extrication Tool Holder.

Firefighters can secure up to four extrication tools in minimal space with this easy-to-use “Lazy Susan” rotating platform.

Adjustable mounting brackets accommodate most brands of cutter, spreader, and combination tool – including both hydraulic and battery-powered models.

Users can simply press down on the easily accessible yellow paddle to disengage the lock and rotate the turntable to access the tool they need.

The turntable safely locks into place after each 90-degree rotation for a quick and safe tool retrieval.

In order to replace one of the four standard tool brackets with a ram bracket, customers should order Model QM-MEH-1-R.

In order to replace two of the four standard tool brackets with ram brackets, customers should order Model QM-MEH-2-R.

According to Creely, the selling points of the Multiple Extrication Tool Holder are clear.

“Our multiple extrication tool turn table is made up of powder coated steel and aluminium parts,” says Creely.

“This space saving system has a 23” diameter at its widest point, locks in each position so one can safely remove and store tools, and sets just a little over 3” off of the mounting surface.

“This system is adjustable in almost every way.

“We are proud to say that there has not been one complaint or return and we can contribute that to the great engineering and design right from the beginning.”

Ziamatic offers other rescue tool mounting solutions. For upright storage, customers can also consider the following: the Multiversal Extrication Tool Holder (QM-ET-MV), the Extrication Tool Holder for Battery-Powered Cutter (QM-ET-MVE), Extrication Tool Holder for Cutters (QM-ET-C), Extrication Tool Holders for Spreaders (QM-ET-J), Single Extrication Tool Holder (QM-ETS-1), and Double Extrication Tool Holder (QM-ETD-1).

The Vertical Extrication Tool Holder (QM-ET-V) allows users to hang rescue tools on virtually any flat, vertical surface such as the doors/walls of a compartment or trailer.

Rescue tools can be stored horizontally with Ziamatic’s Horizontal Extrication Tool Holder (QM-ET-H).

It is comprised of four components that can be arranged in various ways. Ziamatic also offers a Horizontal Extrication Tool Holder with Strap (QM-ET-H2).

According to Creely, the feedback Ziamatic has received has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The feedback we have received and continue to hear is that our heavy rescue tool mounting product line is durable, user friendly, and versatile,” he says.

“Our market research leads us in the direction of our customer’s preference.

“From there we take the information and build on to their suggestion designing a user friendly, efficient, answer to their need.”

Safe and secure

With all of these choices available, it is important to consider a simple piece of advice from Creely.

“Rescue tools are heavy and bulky, so making sure that there is strong, ridged, structure to mount to, is imperative,” he says.

“Our mounts can be the strongest option out there, but if it’s mounted to an inferior surface our brackets strength and durability will not matter.”

According to Creely, customers should be on the lookout for new developments from Ziamatic in the future.

“Equipment frequently used side by side with Heavy Rescue Tools are struts and stabilisers.

“We will be looking to add to our product line low profile, space saving mounts, and systems for equipment like this in the near future.

“Keep an eye on our social media and monthly emails for updates.”

For over 50 years, Ziamatic Corp. has provided first responders with the tools and equipment they need to make their jobs safer, easier, and more efficient every day.

This exclusive article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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