Wellington College enhances fire safety with Cygnus wireless technology

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Introduction to the project

Wellington College recently undertook a significant upgrade to its fire alarm system in response to a fire risk assessment that identified multiple non-compliances.

The assessment highlighted the urgency of addressing these issues, particularly because the college includes sleeping quarters, which posed a heightened risk.

Selecting the right solution

In search of a solution that could be implemented swiftly without disrupting its operations, Wellington College turned to Clevedon-based Raw Fire & Security.

The firm recommended the Cygnus SmartNet-100 fire detection and alarm system, noting its 100% wireless capability and EN 54 certification.

This recommendation was based on the system’s ability to offer quick installation and minimal disruption, eliminating the need for extensive groundwork and thereby maintaining the college’s aesthetic standards.

Cyngus Smartnet-100: Rapid installation and benefits

The installation process presented a considerable challenge: it had to be completed quickly to avoid downtime and potential revenue loss from cancelling bookings at the college’s Inns of Court shooting lodge.

The Cygnus SmartNet-100 system enabled a seamless transition by allowing the old and new systems to operate concurrently until full commissioning.

This approach facilitated the installation of one Cygnus SmartNet-100 Control Panel and 43 devices within just two days, allowing for uninterrupted rental operations.

Harvey, Project Manager at RAW Fire & Security, highlighted the project’s success: “The 100% wireless SmartNet-100 system not only met but exceeded our customer’s expectations.

“They were very pleased with the minimal disturbance to the property and the ability to continue renting out the building during installation.

“By removing the need for wires and avoiding any downtime, they prevented a potential loss of revenue equivalent to more than the cost of the wireless system. The wireless system paid for itself.

“We’ve since used Cygnus SmartNet in other installations and will be looking to use more in the future.”

System features and reliability

The SmartNet-100 is designed to offer a reliable and safe solution to fire detection and alarm needs.

It utilizes patented Cygnus technology and operates through battery-powered radio devices within a robust, self-forming, and self-healing mesh network.

This ensures maximum reliability by providing at least two communication paths to each wireless device.

IFSJ comment

The implementation of the Cygnus SmartNet-100 at Wellington College exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to fire safety in rented accommodations.

This case demonstrates the feasibility of deploying advanced technology to enhance safety measures without compromising operational continuity.

The project underscores the importance of selecting adaptable and efficient systems that can address compliance issues swiftly, ensuring both safety and minimal impact on revenue.

Such initiatives are essential in promoting a culture of safety and preparedness within educational institutions and their associated facilities.

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