Why are Firetrucks Red?

why are firetrucks red

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Firetrucks, with their distinctive red hue, stand out as symbols of rapid response to emergencies, commanding attention on roads and streets worldwide. 

But why are firetrucks red?

The vibrant red colour has become synonymous with the urgency and gravity of firefighting efforts. 

While the sight of red firetrucks is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness, the origins of this colour choice remain shrouded in curiosity and speculation.

In this article, we will delve into the mystery behind the enduring tradition of painting firetrucks red.

Why are Firetrucks Red?

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Firetrucks, with their bold and unmistakable red hue, have become iconic symbols of emergency response. 

The choice of this vibrant colour is deeply rooted in tradition. 

As to why firetrucks are red, the short answer is nobody knows for sure.

However there are numerous theories as to why, with some of the most common being:

Cheapest Colour of Paint

firetrucks red cheapest paint

One widely circulated theory suggests that red became the colour of choice for firetrucks due to its historical status as the least expensive colour of paint. 

In the early days of fire departments, when budgets were tight and they were mostly volunteers, the cost-effectiveness of red paint made it an economical choice. 

This theory reflects a pragmatic approach, where fire departments aimed for a uniform and easily recognizable colour without straining their limited resources.

Most Expensive Colour of Paint

firetrucks red most expensive paint

Contrary to the cost-effectiveness theory, another perspective argues that red was intentionally chosen as the most expensive colour of paint. 

In this view, fire departments sought high-quality, durable paint to protect their vehicles from the elements and enhance their visibility. 

While this theory challenges the notion of frugality, it underscores the importance of investing in materials that ensure the longevity and effectiveness of firefighting equipment.


firetrucks red farmers carts

An interesting historical twist connects the colour choice of firetrucks to the practices of farmers. 

During the early days of fire departments, when acquiring vehicles for their fleets, departments often obtained used trucks from farmers. 

Farmers, who commonly painted their carts red to hide dirt and grime, unintentionally contributed to a surplus of red-painted carts that fire departments adopted. 

This theory highlights the influence of practicality and resourcefulness in shaping the colour palette of firefighting fleets.

Displaying Urgency

firetrucks red urgency

The early 20th century, marked by the dominance of black-coloured Ford cars, introduced another theory regarding the choice of red for firetrucks. 

In an era where many vehicles were black, fire departments opted for red to stand out and convey a sense of urgency. 

The stark contrast between the red firetrucks and the sea of black vehicles on the road facilitated quick identification and emphasised the critical nature of their mission.

An Old Joke

firetrucks red old joke

“Because they have 8 wheels and 4 people on them, and 4 plus 8 makes 12, and there are 12 inches in a foot, and 1 foot is a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was also a ship, and the ship sailed the seas, and there were fish in the seas, and fish have fins, and the Finns fought the Russians, and the Russians are red, and fire trucks are always ‘Russian’ around, so that’s why fire trucks are red!”

Adding a humorous twist to the discussion is a centuries-old joke that offers a playful explanation for why firetrucks are red. 

According to this whimsical theory, the colour choice is a result of a convoluted chain of associations involving wheels, rulers, ships, fish, and even geopolitical references. 

While clearly a jest, this theory highlights the lighthearted and imaginative interpretations that have woven their way into the lore surrounding firetruck colours.

Can Firetrucks be Other Colours?

While red remains the traditional and widely recognized colour for firetrucks, fire departments around the world have occasionally deviated from this norm, experimenting with different colours for various practical and strategic reasons. 

These alternative colour choices not only break with tradition but also serve specific purposes in enhancing safety, visibility, and aesthetic appeal during emergency responses.


yellow firetruck

Yellow firetrucks are occasionally employed to address specific challenges posed by rural environments. 

The vibrant and contrasting colour of yellow enhances visibility, making the trucks more noticeable, especially in expansive rural landscapes. 

This increased visibility is crucial for navigating challenging terrains and locating emergency sites efficiently. 

A notable example is the use of yellow firetrucks in Australia, in regions where the topography and vegetation necessitate heightened visibility for effective emergency response.

Lime Green

lime green firetruck

Lime green has emerged as a colour choice motivated by a desire to maximise visibility both during the day and at night. 

This highly visible hue stands out in various lighting conditions, ensuring that firetrucks are easily spotted by motorists and pedestrians alike. 

Fire departments adopting lime green firetrucks prioritise safety and awareness during emergency responses. 

This choice is particularly evident in urban areas where diverse lighting scenarios demand enhanced visibility. 

Several examples showcase fire departments incorporating lime green firetrucks into their fleets to bolster their visibility during critical operations.


white firetruck

White firetrucks represent a departure from the traditional red, chosen by certain fire departments for their clean and modern aesthetic. 

The use of white not only imparts a contemporary look but also serves practical purposes. 

White is a reflective colour, aiding visibility, especially in low-light conditions. 

This choice aligns with the evolving design preferences of fire departments seeking a fresh and modern image while maintaining functionality. 

Examples of fire departments incorporating white firetrucks into their fleets can be found in urban settings where aesthetics and visibility converge as crucial considerations.


blue firetruck

While less common, blue firetrucks are occasionally employed for special purposes or to distinguish specific types of emergency vehicles. 

Blue may be reserved for specialised units within a fire department, signifying distinct functions or equipment. 

This colour choice can aid in rapidly identifying the purpose of a particular vehicle during multi-agency responses. 

Real-world instances include fire departments utilising blue firetrucks for hazardous materials response teams or specialised rescue units, where differentiation in colour supports quick and efficient coordination during emergencies.


orange firetruck

In Finland, the use of orange firetrucks adds a distinctive touch to the country’s emergency response vehicles. 

The choice of orange as a colour for firetrucks is not only a departure from the traditional red but also serves specific purposes tailored to the unique challenges of Finland’s environment.

The vibrant orange hue enhances visibility, especially in the country’s varied landscapes, including forests and lakes. 

Finland’s terrain, characterised by vast expanses of nature, demands vehicles that can stand out against diverse backgrounds. 

Orange firetrucks address this need by providing increased visibility during emergency responses, ensuring that they can be easily spotted in both urban and rural setting


Hopefully this should answer your question of why are firetrucks red?

While red remains the predominant colour for firetrucks, the choice is not solely based on tradition or aesthetics. 

Practical considerations, historical influences, and attempts to increase visibility and safety have all played a role in shaping the colour choices for these vital emergency response vehicles. 

As fire departments continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies and safety standards, we may see further experimentation with colours in the future. 

Regardless of the colour, the primary goal remains the same – to ensure that firetrucks are easily recognizable and effective in responding to emergencies.

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