Wireless fire alarm system from Cygnus enhances safety at Dartford’s temporary theatre

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Innovative solution for temporary venue

In response to the unique challenge posed by the temporary theatre in Dartford, Blake Fire & Security and Illumino Ignis (Kent) Ltd (IIKL) have successfully implemented the Cygnus EN 54 certified, fully wireless SmartNet-Pro fire detection and alarm system.

This system was chosen to meet the stringent fire safety requirements of the new venue, which aims to host 1,091 audience members while the main Orchard Theatre undergoes RAAC Works.

With a critical turnaround of just one week, the selection of SmartNet-Pro guarantees compliance with EN 54 and BS5839 Part 1 standards, providing an aesthetically pleasing and swiftly installable solution that supports the operational dynamics of the theatre.

The Cygnus technology behind the solution

The SmartNet-Pro system’s wireless network, powered by patented Cygnus technology, operates through battery-powered radio devices.

This forms a robust, self-healing mesh network ensuring maximum reliability with at least two communication paths for every device.

Rory Foster, Fire Safety Systems Manager at Blake Fire & Security, remarked: “We have worked with Cygnus and the SmartNet-Pro system previously and knew it would be ideal for this unique project.

“Being 100% wireless, robust, and reliable, it met the project’s complex requirements perfectly. The Cygnus team’s support was instrumental in delivering the project efficiently.”

Tailored features for theatre operations

Addressing the theatre’s specific needs, the system incorporates advanced features like a “Show Mode” to isolate smoke detection during performances, while maintaining heat detection functionality.

This thoughtful integration ensures the system’s adaptability to special effects and environmental factors within the venue.

Furthermore, the installation includes a strategy to prevent false alarms during performances, enhancing safety without compromising the audience’s experience.

The SmartNet-Pro system’s versatility was demonstrated through its ability to support 65 devices, installed within two days, showcasing its suitability for rapid deployment in complex environments.

Comprehensive approach to fire safety

Blake Fire & Security and IIKL provided a holistic service from site survey and design to installation, closely collaborating with the theatre and local authorities to ensure a seamless process.

Post-installation, comprehensive training was provided to the Stage Door crew, equipping them with the knowledge to operate the system’s advanced functions effectively.

IFSJ Comment

The collaboration between Blake Fire & Security, IIKL, and Cygnus to equip Dartford’s temporary theatre with a cutting-edge wireless fire alarm system represents a forward-thinking approach to fire safety in unique and temporary entertainment venues.

This initiative not only demonstrates the technical feasibility of deploying advanced, wireless fire safety systems in challenging environments but also underscores the industry’s commitment to ensuring the safety of audiences and staff.

By prioritising quick installation, aesthetic integration, and operational specificity, this project sets a new standard for fire safety in temporary venues, reflecting a broader trend towards more adaptable and technologically advanced fire safety solutions in the entertainment sector.

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