WisuAlarm introduces innovative fire and CO detection technology to the UK and Ireland

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WisuAlarm launches new smart alarm range for enhanced fire safety

WisuAlarm, a subsidiary of the international video surveillance leader Dahua Technology, has announced the launch of its innovative range of smoke, heat, CO, and environmental alarms in the UK and Ireland.

This BSI-certificated collection promises to offer advanced fire and environmental protection by leveraging Dahua’s expertise in fields such as video analysis, cloud computing, big data, and smart IoT.

The newly introduced range includes cutting-edge features like split-spectrum sensors that significantly reduce false alarms caused by environmental factors like dust and steam.

Aimed at the professional installation market, these products cater to both private homes and social housing, aligning with grades D1, D2, F1, and F2 as well as categories LD3, LD2, and LD1 under BS 5839-6 standards.

Product offerings and technological advancements

WisuAlarm’s initial product lineup is designed to meet the diverse needs of domestic and residential systems.

It includes interconnected smoke, heat, and CO alarms, mains-powered alarms, and environmental sensors for detecting damp, mould, and monitoring air quality.

Additionally, the range offers a Wireless Gateway for landlord monitoring in social housing scenarios, along with the WisuAlarm app for global device monitoring.

The interconnected devices utilise WisuLink, a wireless home safety network operating on the 868 MHz radio frequency, allowing up to 24 devices to be interconnected.

This technology supports long transmission distances and wall-crossing capabilities, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all rooms.

Moreover, the system allows for remote data management, visualisation, and the convenience of testing and silencing alarms using any infrared remote control.

Webinar and opportunities for installers

To introduce this range, WisuAlarm is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, 28 February, focusing on product details, installation guidance, and information on wholesale partnerships.

This event also aims to explore the potential within the private, rented, and social housing markets in the UK and Ireland.

Interested participants can register for the webinar online and have the chance to win various prizes.

Steve Boggis, Sales Director at WisuAlarm Technology UK & Ireland, highlighted the company’s comprehensive approach: “WisuAlarm is one of the very few brands that is designed, manufactured, fulfilled, and supported by one company.

“We are able to offer peace of mind to installers and householders on the back of our four principles: intelligence, innovation, responsibility, and quality.

“With between 8 million and 9 million private sector and social housing dwellings in the UK alone, there is a substantial opportunity for installers to partner with us and reap the benefits that are available.”

IFSJ Comment

The introduction of WisuAlarm’s smart fire and CO detection technology represents a notable advancement in fire safety solutions within the UK and Ireland.

By incorporating Dahua Technology’s expertise in smart IoT and other technological domains, WisuAlarm sets a new standard in the fire safety industry.

Through such initiatives, WisuAlarm contributes to the broader goal of enhancing fire safety standards and ensuring the well-being of residents across both private and social housing sectors.

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