Zenova Group awarded UK Kitemark for comprehensive fire extinguisher effectiveness

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Zenova Group, a provider of fire suppression and interdiction solutions, has achieved the prestigious UK Kitemark certification for its entire range of fire extinguishers.

This certification complements the company’s recent accomplishment of meeting the full European-standards EN3 certification, marking the completion of its objectives for product proficiency.

Impact of the Kitemark certification

The Kitemark certification signifies that Zenova Group’s fire extinguishers meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness for a variety of fire causes.

With the Kitemark in place, the company has been able to expedite the delivery of 100 fire extinguishers to a major UK customer, facilitating further penetration into crucial sales channels that require such distinguished credentials.

Industry recognition and responses

The acknowledgment of Zenova Group’s high standards has resonated within the industry.

Ewan Dunsire, Director of Bells and Two Tones, remarked: “We have recognised for some time the higher performance standards offered by Zenova’s extinguishers.

“We have just received our first delivery of the Zenova FX fire extinguishers, and the UK Kitemark now allows us to deliver industry-leading extinguisher to our clients in the UK.”

Paul Watkins, Director of KTP UK Ltd, also expressed his satisfaction: “We immediately placed a purchase order for Zenova FX extinguishers as soon as we heard about the Kitemark.

“This was the last missing piece that allows us to sell to leading UK clients.”

Comments from Zenova Group’s CEO

Thomas Melchior, CEO of Zenova Group, highlighted the strategic importance of the Kitemark certification: “Gaining Kitemark certification in the UK is a major milestone for Zenova Group.

“In addition to opening up significant new order potential with major customers requiring this highest-standard credential, we now can formally substantiate our long-held belief that, among competitors producing extinguishers that claim to be effective across a wide range of fire types, Zenova’s fluids are the industry leader for multi-fire cause proficiency.”

Melchior also added: “I am confident that this certification superiority will further enhance our ability to pursue and close new orders with new customers and very much look forward to updating the market over the near-term.”

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