Amantra FM expands firestop solution into construction industry with AL MANQAB acquisition


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Amantra FM, a Dubai-based niche facilities management company, has announced its acquisition of AL MANQAB Technical Services LLC.

This move marks Amantra’s entry into the construction sector, emphasising the importance of integrating firestop solutions in the early design stages to prevent future fire hazards.

Integration of firestop solutions in construction

AL MANQAB, established in 2018, has developed a comprehensive portfolio in firestop solutions, including safety programmes, fire safety audits, hazard identification, and risk assessment.

Their expertise spans multiple areas such as MEP penetrations, electrical risers, and floor/wall openings, providing vital fire prevention and mitigation solutions in construction.

This broad spectrum of solutions, along with skilled installation technicians, forms the core of AL MANQAB’s offering and now extends to Amantra’s capabilities in the construction industry.

Comments from Amantra FM’s leadership

Sangeetha B., CEO of Amantra FM, expressed the strategic alignment of this acquisition: “AL MANQAB’s tested-and-proven competencies in firestop solutions will synergise perfectly with Amantra’s existing MEP capabilities to offer enhanced value to our customers.

“The construction industry can be the custodian of fire safety in future buildings by incorporating sophisticated solutions in the design stages.

“The resulting preventive rather than reactive approach to fire safety has profound implications for liveability in the urban context.

Amantra FM is proud to champion this righteous cause in GCC.”

Enhancing fire safety and awareness

AL MANQAB has established a reputation for improving fire safety and awareness in organisations through employee engagement programmes.

These programmes focus on accountability measures and administrative controls to align with global fire safety standards and protocols.

Strategic growth and social impact

Naveed Yakub, Area Operations Supervisor at Amantra, commented on the strategic benefits of the acquisition: “AL MANQAB’s competencies, coupled with Amantra’s growing ecosystem and an impact-driven approach to facility operations and management, will help institutionalise fire resistance in buildings across GCC.

AL MANQAB adds a new dimension of MEP capability to the comprehensive suite of value-centric services we are building under the umbrella of Amantra.”

Amantra has been distinguishing itself in the facility management industry with initiatives focused on social impact.

The company’s recent partnership with US-headquartered AtmosAir, aimed at enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ), is a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Neethu Padmanabhan from Contracts and Customer Experience at Amantra FM, reflected on the acquisition’s broader impact: “The acquisition of AL MANQAB, closely following a major partnership with AtmosAir, adds more impetus to Amantra’s aspirations of driving social, economic, and environmental sustainability in FM operations.

“We are building an ecosystem around customer-centricity, partnering with and acquiring companies we believe can add measurable value to life in urban facilities without compromising on the liveability of future generations.”

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of AL MANQAB Technical Services LLC by Amantra FM signifies a strategic shift in the facilities management industry towards a more integrated approach in fire safety and prevention.

By embedding firestop solutions at the design stage of construction projects, Amantra is setting a precedent for future building safety standards.

As urbanisation continues to grow, such integrated solutions in fire safety will become increasingly important in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of urban dwellers.

The initiative aligns with global trends towards sustainable and safe urban development, highlighting the evolving role of facility management in shaping liveable cities.

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