Serco Middle East gains approval from GACA as first international fire and rescue training provider in Saudi Arabia

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Serco Middle East, a global public service company, has recently been authorised by the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) to become an accredited fire and rescue services (FRS) training provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This development marks Serco as the first international vendor to be recognised by GACA for such training, highlighting a substantial step in aviation safety and quality within the region.

GACA’s endorsement enhances aviation safety

The General Authority for Civil Aviation, as the regulatory body for aviation in Saudi Arabia, is responsible for overseeing air safety and setting standards for air traffic control, infrastructure, and economic regulations within the country’s airports.

GACA’s approval of Serco Middle East as a recognised training and certification provider fortifies all aspects of Serco’s emergency services operations.

This includes their renowned International Fire Training Centre (IFTC), which has now expanded its presence to the Middle East, encompassing its training program and staff.

The endorsement by GACA affirms Serco’s commitment to adhering to Saudi regulations and implementing international best practices in local contexts.

Commitment to elevating emergency services training

Teren Tam, Head of Emergency Services at Serco’s Middle East Division, commented on the approval: “This approval is a testament to Serco’s dedication to elevating the standards of emergency services training here in the Kingdom.

“As a leading partner for KSA airports, we need to ensure consistent training programs in line with GACA’s stringent requirements.

“In doing this we are not only contributing to the transformation and improvement of airport services across the Kingdom, but also actively supporting the National Vision of the Saudi Government.”

With over 30 airports currently operating in Saudi Arabia and plans to increase this number to more than 40, the need for consistent and high-quality training in line with regulatory requirements is increasingly important.

Serco’s GACA-compliant training programs aim to enhance the skills of airport firefighting personnel to international standards, thus ensuring the highest levels of safety and efficiency in airport operations.

Strengthening the aviation industry in line with National Vision 2023

GACA’s approval of Serco as an authorised training authority underscores the confidence in Serco as a trusted partner.

This is pivotal as the aviation industry continues to develop in line with the National Vision 2023.

It also lays further foundations for a shared goal to ensure Saudi Arabia’s airport safety and service quality consistently meet the highest international benchmarks.

IFSJ Comment

The recent authorisation of Serco Middle East by the General Authority for Civil Aviation to provide fire and rescue services training in Saudi Arabia is a notable milestone in aviation safety and service quality.

This development is in alignment with the Kingdom’s National Vision 2023, emphasising the importance of high-standard training and safety protocols in the rapidly expanding aviation sector.

It also highlights the growing collaboration between international service providers and local regulatory bodies to elevate industry standards.

Such partnerships are essential for ensuring the highest levels of emergency preparedness and operational efficiency, thereby fostering a safer and more reliable aviation environment.

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