Amthal welcomes Deane Sales as Group Sales Director

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Amthal, a leading name in commercial fire protection and security, has announced the appointment of Deane Sales as its new Group Sales Director.

This move follows a significant shift in the company’s strategy, particularly in its senior management’s approach to fire safety and security.

The latest appointment is expected to usher the group in a new direction, tapping into Sales’ extensive experience and expertise.

Sales brings extensive experience

Deane Sales, joining the ranks of Amthal, has a rich background in fire safety and security.

He has held leading roles as a director and consultant, partnering with specialist system providers to offer comprehensive life safety solutions tailored to the commercial sectors.

His addition to the team is seen as an extension of Amthal’s commitment to its strategic overhaul, emphasising its dedication to rebranding and ensuring excellence in its offerings.

Jamie Allam, CEO of the Amthal Group, shared: “This is an exciting time for Amthal, as we embark on a new strategic direction, with the rebrand only being the tip of the iceberg for the positive changes our customers can expect. 

“We are thrilled to bring new personnel to the team bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to drive our commitment to fire safety and security excellence”

He continued: “In appointing Deane, we were instantly impressed with his knowledge and commitment to compliance. 

“There has been an influx of new fire safety legislation and we have a responsibility to proactively embrace the changes and ensure observance is incorporated in our offerings.

“His leadership and strategic vision will play a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and expansion in this dynamic market.”

Amthal’s commitment to growth

The appointment of Sales comes on the heels of Reece Paprotny being named Commercial Director, marking another step in the company’s strategic evolution under the guidance of its senior management.

Sales, commenting on his new role, stated: “It’s an absolute privilege to be joining Amthal at such an important time, not just for the company but also for fire safety and security in general. 

“We are at the cusp of enormous changes where guaranteed compliance will be critical to success. 

“All of which Amthal understands and is taking decisive action, being open to innovation, training and smart technology.

“As this is being filtered through the whole company, you can already see the customer response in trust, safe in the knowledge that Amthal can deliver. 

“We have the essential accreditation and open communications to implement specific requirements, bespoke to each sector. 

“And not being afraid of new opportunities that can only work to enhance our capability to make a difference in life safety and deliver total protection.”

IFSJ Comment

The move by Amthal to appoint Deane Sales, given his extensive experience and commitment to compliance, highlights the industry’s need for expertise in navigating the complexities of fire safety and security.

With increased legislation and the demand for stringent compliance, having individuals like Sales at the helm of companies such as Amthal indicates the industry’s commitment to evolving in line with the needs of today’s commercial sectors.

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