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Venari Group reveals plans to sell firefighting division to former CEO Oliver North

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Deal confirmed for Yorkshire-based Venari Group’s firefighting sector

Venari Group, a Yorkshire emergency services vehicle manufacturer, has confirmed its intention to sell its firefighting division to its former chief executive, Oliver North.

After thorough due diligence and consultation with employees, the carve out deal has been reportedly been agreed.

Once the deal is completed, Oliver North will begin vehicle production and equipment distribution for the firefighting industry, operating under the brand name North Fire.

The headquarters and manufacturing facility of North Fire will be strategically situated in Huddersfield.

Venari Group focuses on enhancing NHS production and safety standards

On the other side of this transition, Venari is gearing up to notably augment its production for both the NHS and its supporting private fleet operators.

This boost in production is anchored on a rigorous emphasis on safety standards in the ambulance market.

The acquisition of Venari’s firefighting division by North Fire was identified as crucial. It will empower its team of specialist firefighting production engineers to spearhead innovation in the fire sector independently.

A journey back to roots: Oliver North’s vision for North Fire

Oliver North, the managing director of North Fire, commented: “I’m thrilled to announce the intention to acquire the firefighting division, alongside my world-class team, being in the industry we have the most passion for.”

He added: “In 2008, I launched North Fire Limited, which was hugely successful and ultimately acquired by one of the world’s largest firefighting technology manufacturers – which remains a success to this day.

“North Fire Engineering plans to launch with more experience, knowledge and hunger to drive competition and innovation as our Fire Services continue to answer ever evolving challenges..”

Commenting on his time at Venari, North said: “

“For the past few years, Venari has consistently punched above its weight in the sector. During Covid, Venari was one of the only manufacturers in the industry to stay open to support the NHS, and over the past 18 months it has provided over 100 armoured ambulances for combat medic teams in Ukraine.

“I will therefore look back at my time leading Venari with huge pride – the production workers there are the best in their industry, without question.

He added: “My passion has always been in the firefighting sector, so this planned acquisition and the inception of North Fire feels like a return to my roots.”

IFSJ Comment

The decision by Venari Group to carve out its firefighting division is a significant move in the emergency services vehicle manufacturing landscape.

With Oliver North, a veteran in the sector, taking the reins, it indicates a renewed focus and potential growth for the firefighting vehicle and equipment production.

The strategic shift by both Venari Group and North Fire also suggests a conscious effort to streamline and enhance their respective areas of expertise.

For the firefighting community and its stakeholders, this move could usher in a new era of innovation, quality, and service.

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