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Darley launches new electric pumps for European markets

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Darley introduces battery-powered electric pumps for fire services

Darley has expanded its product range with the introduction of new battery-powered electric pumps tailored for the European market.

This initiative reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and customer-focused solutions in the fire safety sector.

The newly launched pumps feature electric motors, a response to the increasing demand for electrification in fire safety equipment.

As part of their customer-centric approach, Darley has collaborated with Esteri, a Finnish manufacturer known for its comprehensive line of EN pumps.

This partnership aims to leverage Esteri’s expertise to cater to the global market’s needs.

Commitment to quality and sustainability

Darley continues to emphasise its dedication to high-quality products and sustainable practices.

The company assures that these new electric pumps are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

The company said it is committed to providing the best solutions with the lowest cost of ownership and the industry’s best warranty.

The collaboration with Esteri enhances the range of products available and underlines Darley’s strategy to adopt more environmentally friendly technologies in their offerings.

This move is aligned with global trends towards sustainability and reduced carbon emissions in fire safety operations.

Learn more about Darley’s products

For those interested in learning more about Darley’s extensive range of pump solutions, including diesel, marine, and portable options, further details are available on their website.

The site provides comprehensive information about each product, allowing potential customers and partners to explore the various features and applications of Darley’s pumps.

Through its strategic partnership with Esteri and the introduction of electric pumps, Darley said it is continuing to lead the way in innovative solutions for the fire safety market.

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