Euralarm Fire Section updates country fact sheets

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The Euralarm Fire Section recently announced the release of two new Country Fact Sheets for Romania and the Netherlands, alongside updates to five existing sheets covering Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

These fact sheets are crucial for Euralarm members, providing comprehensive details on product and system requirements in the classic fire detection sector within specific countries.

Detailed information on fire safety standards

The Euralarm Country Fact Sheets offer in-depth information on pivotal requirements for each country.

These include fire standards, marking and certification, legal and regulatory frameworks, major installation codes, and other relevant notes.

This information serves as a valuable guide for Euralarm members and their affiliates.

Enhancing industry standards and safety

Euralarm, representing over 5000 companies across Europe, plays a significant role in advancing the fire safety and security industry.

It provides expertise and leadership, influencing industry trends, market dynamics, policy-making, and standard-setting processes.

Euralarm’s members, including national associations and individual companies, contribute to making society safer through advanced fire detection, extinguishing systems, security systems, and alarm receiving centres.

Euralarm’s commitment to fire safety

Founded in 1970, Euralarm has a longstanding history of advocating for improved fire safety and security measures.

The organization’s comprehensive representation of stakeholders across Europe underlines its commitment to enhancing safety standards and regulations in the fire safety and security sectors.

IFSJ Comment

The recent update and introduction of new Euralarm Country Fact Sheets signify a critical step towards standardization and increased awareness in the fire safety industry.

These documents provide essential guidance, helping Euralarm members navigate complex national requirements and enhance compliance.

This initiative not only supports individual businesses in aligning their products and systems with specific country standards but also contributes to the broader goal of enhancing fire safety across Europe.

By offering a detailed overview of legal, regulatory, and technical requirements, Euralarm reinforces its role as a key influencer in the fire safety and security industry, promoting higher standards and safer practices.

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