Euralarm’s Jon Konz selected on CEN-CENELEC Industry Advisory Forum

Euralarm_Jon Koenz_CEN

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Euralarm president Jon Könz has been selected as a member of the CEN-CENELEC Industry Advisory Forum. The Industry Advisory Forum consists of 18 members who were selected, based on their specific experiences and knowledge in the identified CEN-CENELEC Strategy 2030 areas and European Industrial Ecosystems.

Via the Industry Advisory Forum (IAF) high-level European industry representatives and CEN and CENELEC can have an open exchange on current standardisation issues and identify and advise on standardisation priority topics for the European industry. Besides the Forum can express suggestions, expectations, and concerns to identify common solutions.

By providing advice to the CEN and CENELEC corporate governing and advisory bodies and proposing medium- and long-term industry-driven standardisation objectives for CEN and CENELEC, the Industry Advisory Forum (IAF) contributes to reaching and successfully implementing the CEN and CENELEC strategic objectives. These objectives support European industry’s priorities, challenges and expectations from standardisation.

Könz said: “We are living in exciting times, with digitalisation and sustainability as both opportunities and challenges. I’m proud that on behalf of Euralarm I can contribute to the synergies between policy and standardisation and the green and digital transition.”

The IAF members are appointed for a 3-year term and are selected based on their high managerial level, relevant know-how on standardisation, expertise in one of the identified priority areas, sectorial balance across CEN and CENELEC, representing both SMEs as well as large industries and adequate geographical and gender balance.

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