Public invited to comment on BS 9792, the new standard for fire risk assessments in housing

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BS 9792: Public engagement encouraged in fire safety standards

The release of BS 9792 marks a significant step in fire safety for housing premises.

This new standard, which replaces PAS 79-2, focuses on guiding fire risk assessments in various types of housing premises.

It encompasses houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), flats, maisonettes, and specialised housing.

The public now has a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of this standard.

Input from diverse perspectives is crucial to ensure the standard effectively addresses the fire safety needs of all types of housing premises.

Participate in the development of fire safety standards

To engage in this process, individuals and organisations are encouraged to use the BSI standard development portal.

It’s essential for those interested to register and login to submit their comments.

This process of public involvement is an opportunity to voice opinions and to play an active role in shaping the industry’s future standards.

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is also taking an active role in reviewing BS 9792.

They are organising a Special Interest Group (SIG) to compile their comments on the standard.

This demonstrates the industry’s commitment to collaborative development and improvement of fire safety standards.

Fire safety in housing: a continuous endeavour

Fire safety in residential premises remains a critical area of focus within the fire protection industry.

The introduction of BS 9792 is a step forward in ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date guidance for fire risk assessments in housing.

This standard reflects the evolving nature of fire risks and the continuous need for updated measures to safeguard residents.

The involvement of the public and industry experts in its development underscores the collective responsibility towards fire safety.

IFSJ Comment

The open comment period for BS 9792 represents a significant opportunity for professionals, residents, and other stakeholders to contribute to the enhancement of fire safety standards in housing.

The collaborative effort in developing and refining these standards is key to ensuring they are robust, comprehensive, and reflective of current fire safety challenges and technologies.

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