Inside the latest issue of JOIFF’s The Catalyst Magazine


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Diverse insights for industrial safety

The International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management (JOIFF) recently unveiled the Q4 2023 edition of The Catalyst, their magazine aimed at advancing knowledge and expertise in industrial emergency management.

The latest issue features an array of articles that underscore JOIFF’s commitment to enhancing safety within the industrial landscape.

Key highlights

  • Transition to Fluorine-Free Foam: The magazine provides updates on the transition towards fluorine-free foam for fire suppression, a significant development in industrial safety.
  • Challenges of Liquid Hydrogen: An in-depth exploration of the safety challenges posed by liquid hydrogen offers critical insights for professionals.
  • Preventing Industrial Disasters: An analytical perspective on the prevention of industrial disasters highlights strategies for disaster mitigation.

Emphasising continuous learning

Additionally, The Catalyst sheds light on recent changes within the JOIFF Board of Directors and extends a welcome to new members joining the organisation.

This underscores the significance of ongoing learning and development within the field.

The magazine highlights advancements in training and accreditation, emphasising the importance of competence and expertise in emergency response for high-hazard industries.

A platform for collaboration

This issue of The Catalyst serves as an invitation to its readership to actively engage and contribute, reaffirming its role as a collaborative platform for professionals in the industry.

The Catalyst remains an indispensable resource for those dedicated to improving safety and emergency response strategies in industrial settings.

For more information or to access the latest issue, please visit JOIFF’s website or the specific magazine link.

IFSJ Comment

JOIFF’s release of The Catalyst Magazine’s October 2023 issue highlights the organisation’s dedication to advancing safety in industrial emergency management.

The magazine provides valuable insights into crucial topics, including the adoption of fluorine-free foam for fire suppression and the challenges associated with liquid hydrogen.

It also underscores the importance of ongoing learning and competence in emergency response, making it an essential resource for professionals in the field.


The International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management, JOIFF, is a global network committed to developing best practices and promoting safety standards in industrial emergency services.

Through publications, training, and collaborative efforts, JOIFF plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of emergency management in high-hazard industries.

For more information about JOIFF and their contributions to industrial safety, visit their website.

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