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FPA secures approval as learning provider for armed forces personnel

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The Fire Protection Association (FPA) has teamed up with the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) to become an authorised learning provider for armed forces personnel, offering specialised fire safety training courses.

This important development is the result of FPA’s continuous pursuit of their vision of fostering resilience and people safety via fit-for-purpose training and development.

Building bridges for military personnel into fire safety

The ELCAS scheme is an initiative of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), established to encourage lifelong learning amongst the armed forces. It does this by offering financial backing for Level 3 and above qualifications from approved learning providers.

The primary aim of the scheme is to provide military personnel with the necessary training they need for successful resettlement into future careers.

This financial support also extends to those currently in post, provided that the course is relevant to their role.

Transferring skills from the armed forces to the fire safety industry

The recent partnership between FPA and ELCAS opens the door for military personnel to gain access to an array of training courses and qualifications. This will ease their transition into a career within the fire safety sector.

Discussing the relevance of FPA’s new status as an Approved Learning Provider, Head of Training Kelly Donoghue stated: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with ELCAS to support our armed service family, service leavers, and veterans in transitioning into a secondary career within fire safety.

“By partnering with the MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits scheme, we can support lifelong learning for members of the armed forces, ensuring our qualifications – Level 3 and above – are financially accessible.”

Courses available for armed forces personnel

A selection of fire risk assessment qualifications have already been added to the ELC-approved course list. These include the Level 3 Certificate and Level 4 Diploma in Fire Risk Assessment.

Two additional passive fire qualifications, namely the Level 3 Award in Passive Fire Protection – Intermediate and Level 3 Award in Fire Door Inspection, are expected to be included soon.

FPA is also planning to introduce course ‘bundles’ to optimise the use of annual credits. These bundles will enable military personnel to gain qualifications quickly and increase their employment chances in the fire safety industry.

Commenting on these bundles, former member of the armed forces and fire safety consultant Bobbie Buchan said: “This allows forces personnel to leave the military, get qualified and knowledgeable in a short period of time, giving them the best chance of employment within the fire safety industry.”

Scheme members, with a minimum of six years’ eligible service, can claim up to £1,000 per claim. For those with eight years’ eligible service, the claim amount increases to £2,000.

Each military personnel member is entitled to make three ELC claims in total, with a limit of one claim per year.

Further information is available on the ELCAS website or by reaching out to the FPA Training Team.

IFSJ Comment

International Fire & Safety Journal: This partnership between FPA and ELCAS is indeed significant news.

It not only provides a viable career path for our armed forces personnel, but it also boosts the skills base of the fire safety industry.

We look forward to seeing the positive impacts that this initiative will bring in the coming years.

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