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Howard Passey joins the BAFE Board of Directors, bringing extensive fire safety experience


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In recent developments, BAFE Fire Safety Register has confirmed that Howard Passey has accepted an invitation to join their board of directors.

This news comes straight from BAFE and marks a significant addition to their board, which works towards improving fire safety measures and standards across the UK.

Passey’s professional journey: an overview

Howard Passey, currently serving as the Deputy Managing Director of the Fire Protection Association (FPA), has a career that spans various roles within the FPA since he joined in 1992.

He began as a Training/Information Officer, later serving as Principal Consultant and then as Director of Operations.

Before his journey with the FPA, Passey spent eight years in the construction industry, having originally trained as a land surveyor.

Impact on BAFE: Boosting competence and certification

Dr Justin Maltby-Smith, Group Managing Director of the BAFE Fire Safety Register, expressed his excitement about this development: “Howard’s esteemed career, knowledge, and skills made him an important addition to the BAFE Board.”

He added that Howard’s insights would be extremely welcome, especially in “raising the bar of competency, and raising the profile of third-party certification.”

Passey’s response: A crucial time for the sector

On accepting the position, Howard stated: “It was an easy decision to make when BAFE asked if I would be interested in joining their Board of Directors.”

He acknowledged the recent improvements BAFE had made to their operation, competency schemes, and sector engagement.

Howard added that he was looking forward to “ensure robust avenues are available to the sector to evidence their competence.”

He considered his engagement with the board and the BAFE team as an opportunity to assist in decision-making and guidance.

IFSJ Comment

From the perspective of International Fire & Safety Journal, this development is significant as it denotes a strategic step by BAFE towards enhancing fire safety standards across the UK.

Passey’s rich experience and expertise in fire risk assessment and management will undoubtedly add value to BAFE’s ongoing efforts.

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