Holmatro delivers 18 rescue tool sets to civil defence of Iraq

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Holmatro Rescue Equipment’s partnership with UR Al-Mustagbal General Trade Company

Holmatro Rescue Equipment, in collaboration with its partner, Mr. Amer Mohammed Al-Dulimy of UR Al-Mustagbal General Trade Company, has successfully delivered 18 sets of cutting-edge hydraulic rescue equipment to the Iraqi Civil Defence.

This delivery is a significant part of the Iraqi Civil Defence’s ongoing efforts to modernise and enhance its rescue capabilities.

The new equipment aims to bolster preparedness and resilience in Iraq, contributing to increased safety across the nation.

Holmatro expressed gratitude to the Iraqi Civil Defence for their trust in the company’s products.

Advanced technology in rescue operations

The delivered equipment represents the latest in technological advancements in hydraulic rescue tools. These tools are designed to aid in various rescue operations, offering enhanced efficiency and reliability.

The use of such advanced equipment is expected to significantly improve the response times and effectiveness of rescue missions in Iraq, potentially saving more lives during emergencies.

The role of partnerships in enhancing rescue capabilities

The partnership between Holmatro Rescue Equipment and UR Al-Mustagbal General Trade Company exemplifies the importance of international collaborations in enhancing emergency response capabilities.

By working together, these organisations are contributing to the development of a more robust and capable civil defence system in Iraq.

This collaboration is a testament to the global effort in improving emergency and rescue operations worldwide.

IFSJ Comment

The delivery of advanced hydraulic rescue tools by Holmatro Rescue Equipment to the Iraqi Civil Defence is a noteworthy development in the realm of emergency response and safety.

As countries around the world continue to enhance their rescue and emergency capabilities, such collaborations and advancements in technology play a crucial role in ensuring more efficient and effective response to crises

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