NAFDI approves FPA fire door inspection course

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Course approval by National Association of Fire Door Inspectors

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) has announced that its Level 3 Award Fire Door Inspection course has been officially recognised by the National Association of Fire Door Inspectors (NAFDI).

This recognition marks a significant milestone for the FPA, as NAFDI is the UK’s leading organisation for fire door inspection.

The course, spanning three days, educates trainees on various aspects of fire doors, including their types, functions, and the importance of adhering to industry standard inspection procedures.

NAFDI has endorsed the FPA course as both a competency and an advanced training course.

This approval enables those who have completed the FPA Level 3 Certification to apply for NAFDI membership and request certification from this recognised body.

Comprehensive nature and practical focus of the course

A recent auditing session conducted by a NAFDI official on the FPA’s fire door inspection training highlighted the course’s comprehensive coverage of key topics.

This detailed approach ensures that participants gain a deep understanding of fire door principles and safety measures.

The course has been praised for its structured test focusing on inspection procedures, where participants are assessed on their ability to identify critical components, evaluate door functionality, and spot potential issues.

The practical aspect of the course requires hands-on application of knowledge, simulating real-world scenarios.

This element is crucial for participants to effectively translate their learning into practice.

Impact of the course’s approval on industry standards

Kelly Donoghue, Head of Training at the FPA, expressed her delight at this partnership with NAFDI, emphasising their shared goal of improving fire door inspection standards.

She said: “We are delighted to partner with NAFDI, with a common purpose of continuous improvement to the fire door inspection standards.

“Now our Fire Door Inspection Course has been approved as a competency course (where certification holders can be added to the NAFDI directory) and as an advanced training course (where practitioners can request a NAFDI certification directly through NAFDI), it provides additional evidence to the public when securing services.”

IFSJ Comment

The recognition of the FPA’s Fire Door Inspection Course by NAFDI enhances the credibility of the FPA’s training programme and contributes to the broader goal of raising fire safety standards across the industry.

Such developments are crucial in ensuring that professionals involved in fire door inspections are thoroughly trained and equipped with the necessary skills to maintain high safety standards.

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