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IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference Advisory Panel Spotlight: Engineer Salma Al Ali

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International Fire & Safety Journal (IFSJ) is honoured to welcome Engineer Salma Humaid Saeed Al Ali, Head of Engineering Section at Dubai Civil Defense, as a distinguished member of the advisory panel for the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference 2024.

Engineer Salma Al Ali has established herself as a pivotal figure in fire safety engineering within the Dubai Civil Defense. Her commitment to enhancing fire safety standards in Dubai’s buildings and structures has been instrumental in shaping the city’s approach to fire safety. Her efforts in implementing stringent fire safety regulations and codes are a testament to her dedication to public safety and professional excellence.

Salma Al Ali: A Pioneer in Fire Safety Engineering

In her esteemed role, Engineer Al Ali has been at the forefront of collaborating with architects, contractors, and engineers, fostering a unified approach towards fire safety. Her ability to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application has made her a respected authority in the field.

Her contributions extend beyond regulation implementation; she is a frequent speaker at various conferences, sharing her insights and promoting fire safety education and training. Recognised multiple times for her contributions, her work has been pivotal in making Dubai a safer place for its residents.

Her vision extends to the broader context of urban safety, where she is actively involved in projects that span the diverse and complex landscape of Dubai’s rapidly evolving urban environment. Her experience in these multi-faceted projects provides her with unique insights into the challenges and solutions in fire safety engineering, especially in a city known for its iconic skyline and innovative architecture.

The IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference 2024

Scheduled for May 9, 2024, at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel Dubai Marina, the conference is set to build on the success of its inaugural year. It serves as a critical forum for discussing the evolving challenges and opportunities in fire safety and emergency response.

The inclusion of Engineer Salma Al Ali on the advisory panel brings a wealth of practical experience and a deep understanding of the Middle Eastern context in fire safety engineering. Her expertise is particularly relevant in discussing the integration of fire safety regulations in complex architectural designs and the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders in the construction industry.

Salma Al Ali’s Role on the Advisory Panel

As a member of the advisory panel, Engineer Al Ali’s extensive field experience and innovative approach to fire safety will significantly shape the conference’s themes and discussions. Her hands-on experience in the implementation of fire safety codes and her active role in education and training provide a comprehensive perspective on the practical aspects of fire safety engineering.

Her leadership at Dubai Civil Defense and her contributions to the field bring a unique blend of regulatory insight and practical expertise to the panel. This ensures that the conference not only addresses the latest developments in fire safety technology but also encompasses a holistic view of fire safety engineering, promoting progress and innovation in the industry.

Advisory panel shaping the conference

The panel for the 2024 conference is composed of distinguished professionals from various sectors related to fire safety and emergency preparedness, including:

  • Terry Johnson, Conference Chair
  • Engineer Salma Al Ali, Head of Engineering Section at Dubai Civil Defence;
  • Mark Buckingham, Head of Emergency Preparedness at Abu Dhabi Airports;
  • David Campbell, General Manager at Dubai Civil Defence’s Emirates Safety Laboratory;
  • Sinclair Duffie, Chief Fire Officer at Nawah Energy Company;
  • Sawsan Dahham, CEO of SIENA;
  • Dana Kamal, NFPA Director of International Development (MENA);
  • Ghaith Bakir, Senior Regulatory Engineer at UL Solutions;
  • Robert Davies, Operations Director at WSP in the Middle East;
  • Peter Stephenson, Director at Hydrock Fire Safety Division;
  • Saif Essa Al Maskiri, Senior GHSE Manager at Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC);
  • Steve Apter, Director for response at the Red Sea Fire and Rescue Service;
  • Tarek Al Assil, Executive Director at IFM Facilities Management LLC;
  • Sajid Raza, BEng (Hons), MBA, is the CEO of BUTLER ENGINEERING (ME) – The Fire Consultants.

This esteemed panel plays a crucial role in directing the content and focus of the conference, ensuring it tackles the most pressing issues facing the fire safety industry today.

Register to attend the IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference

The IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference 2024 promises to be an essential event for professionals in the fire safety and emergency services sectors.

Attendees can look forward to insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and the latest developments in fire safety strategies and technologies.

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