INFOCA pioneers Vallfirest unit for wildland fire response in Spain

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The INFOCA Plan, a leading fire extinguishing force in Spain, has incorporated Vallfirest’s Tactical Unit 1 into its fleet. This significant move is part of the Regional Government of Andalusia’s broader strategy to manage and combat wildland fires, amid growing concerns about the frequency of such incidents due to extreme weather conditions.

Tactical Unit 1 is a purpose-built module for light trucks, geared to handle diverse wildfire scenarios. This inclusion enhances the INFOCA Plan’s operational capability, as the vehicle offers a compact and portable solution for moving essential firefighting tools and equipment to various locations.

The multifunctional capability of Tactical Unit 1

The Tactical Unit 1’s strength lies in its ability to transport a range of firefighting resources. Among these are the Dronster ground drone and the Heliskid, along with portable fire pumps, hand tools, and various protective equipment. The vehicle’s capacity to carry a comprehensive array of tools aids in tackling a broad spectrum of fire scenarios.

Andalusia, Spain’s fourth-largest autonomous region, boasts varied topography and vegetation, making it susceptible to different types of wildfires. Tactical Unit 1’s mobility and comprehensive toolkit offer a swift and adaptable response to the varying fires, be it on the coast influenced by sea breezes, or in the high altitudes where water availability is scarce.

Enhanced response to large scale fires

Additionally, the Tactical Unit 1 aids in managing large-scale fires, like the Jubrique fire that razed 8,401 hectares in Sierra Bermeja last year. Such fires necessitate substantial stabilisation, control, and mop-up operations. The Dronster ground drone, transported by the Tactical Unit 1, supports firefighters in creating control lines efficiently, and facilitates the transportation of firefighting equipment.

Vallfirest extended its gratitude to the Regional Government of Andalusia and the INFOCA Plan for their trust. The company remains committed to providing modern, innovative, and updated equipment to tackle the increasing complexities of today’s fires.

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